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  1. At the moment i dont have the money to cannon (a.k.a cant afford cannonballs unless i end up making them myself which is a waste of time).
  2. Hello, So I'm now maxed melee's and I really want to get 99 slayer now through melee since it's really slow for both mage (which i'm already 95 in) and range (88 and planning to chin to 99 at some point). My main question here is, can i still make money from slayer pre- 93/95 or can you even break even without getting lucky drops?
  3. At 92 once you complete the Beacon Network minigame you can get the Infernal Adaze which is a Rune Pick + a Dragon Hatcher and when using it to wc you sometimes burn logs for fm xp. Other than that i dont think there is any reason to get 99 other than the cape.
  4. I'm currently 154k from 83 mining right now working hard on 85 so i can start rune mining and eventually get 99. The main reason I want to get the mining suit is so i can get the free xp boost, it looks awsome, i can use my V3 Armor with it and still get the 2.5% xp boost, and i'll be able to get my pick gilded once i get my full set ^^
  5. almost 6 hours in i got my first piece :) only 4 more armor pieces left and then my pick.
  6. Hmm hopefully it wont take that long even though it does give me a chance to semi-afk mine lol. one more quick question, do i need to actually play the minigame to get the nymph's to spawn or can i just mine the crust?
  7. I've got a quick question, I was wondering if there are any sort of known rates for the nymph spawn's? I've been at it 4 hours and havent seen a single nymph but a clannie of mine got his full mining suit and gilded pick in 2 hours.
  8. How much does it cost to recharge ganodermic once it's fully broken? also on your last post you mentioned caves, not sure if that was a typo or not but im doing the end of Nomad's Reqium bossfight so i can get my SW cape.
  9. I guess i was lol, definetly going to be getting ganodermic gear since it looks like it will be useful in more than one way for training stats. Alright i got my Ganodermic armor and with everything crab said (gear wise) im at 189 mage defence w/ 46% mage absorb and 22% range absorb. What weapon should i be using? He mentioned the Whip Vine but i'm not sure if i should be using that or the Z spear or ranging.
  10. I was looking at the stats on D'hide and Ganodermic and it doesn't look like they are that much different in stats (d'hide having more mage defence). Anyone mind explaning how Ganodermic outdoes d'hide?
  11. Same, No issues using the teleport feature from my inventory.
  12. Awsome, i couldn't remember for sure because it's been well over 7 months since i done it :)
  13. Hello, I'm really curious as to how hard the Nomad fight is now with all these updates like flasks and gear, how hard is the nomad fight? I cant afford the 80m+ gear but i might be able to afford the Ganodermic gear if that's better than d'hide. I have extremes and i can get the flasks for brews/restores as well if need be just need some ideas on inventory/setup and bob invo.
  14. pretty sure its 11 actions per player
  15. I can't afford to do rock lobs, i dont have the money for it and i haven't done the quest for Glacors yet and highly doubt i can kill them seeing as how i can barely kill 1 TD without having to restock.
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