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  1. Wow, urm, I just wanted to get a laptop so i can take it wherever I seem to travel to. Only graphics I hope my gaming laptop can reach is top graphics that runescape offers. So it doesn't need to be mega powerful. I'm still looking though guys to all contribution is noted. Links to specific computer would be of a great help! :) Cheers guys.
  2. Wow Kabe, im ASTONISHED! Your doing brilliantly! just read through this within an hour and was like ':o I need to quest more! ' Keep it up! :D *EDIT* Did about 8 quests today, more tomorrow and the next day, all coz of you!
  3. Thank you all for your suggestion, even though they have all been nulled due to shipping! xD Means a lot for the help guys! I have a few! Argos, Comet, PC World etc etc. I mean if you just go onto any site that ships to UK or a UK website, my 'postcode' is UB10, or my local county/area is Middlesex. Im still thinking a standard Alienware M11X is best at the moment, but all suggestions are welcome! :D
  4. Mearly posting this up as I am looking to sell my desktop computer and move to a gaming laptop. I have a budget of like £700 so if I can have some good suggestions for £700 or cheaper that would be great! :D Cheers guys!
  5. Not going to lie to you, I didn't really enjoy the video. You seem to be very good at pking but the video editing was quite bad. You need to stop trying to make the video look good and just leave it for people to watch you kill him. Like Quyneax said, alot of people want to watch from start to finish what you have done, so you running over to him, attacking him, all the way through to you killing him and seeing your loot. Also, don't make the screen flash white just before a big hit, because every time it did that I thought you was going to another clip and then I saw you hit high and I was like oh. When the video had finished I felt very confused and didn't realise massively what had just happened. In my opinion, I'd say 4/10. I hope this has helped!
  6. Woop 70 attack, now to 70 strength!

  7. Congrats! Love seeing that people here are actually making a difference that people see and appreciate it!
  8. Its actually dumb, it is impossible to win. That isn't the only video of someone buying the max amount of spins and getting nothing. They are literally sitting there every time someone falls for the scam and laughing, I would be! $80 for no harm to the economy. Its not even like the rare items given away on there are tradeable! What harm will it do to give people just 1 of the rare prizes if they buy 80 spins. Sorry for the rant! :P
  9. New goal of getting 70 Attack by friday.

  10. That is a good shout tripsis. Well, i would become part of team speak but I don't really have much of a setup at my house, so sitting on the computer is un comfortable. It is however really nice to see the fast work that goes on here at tip.it. Two admins replies within a few hours and gave me a response to my post. Great work guys!
  11. I would also like to add that if you do start to create a weekly podcast I would be more than happy to help! :)
  12. Hmm, you have a good point. It was worth raising the issue!
  13. Ahh, this is where I ask you to be a bit open minded here. If you look onto a habbo hotel fansite that has a radio, I think you'll find they do not have any sort of licences or paid DJ's. Radio DJ's are voluntary and un paid. You wouldn't have to bother with licences as the DJ's should have paid for their songs to have them available for use. All I ask is that you go look on www.habbcrazy.net and find out how they run their radio. This could be a big potential in tip.it's life!
  14. See, yea weekly podcast or something would be good, but im sure a lot of people here have their iTunes or some sort of music on in the background. To have a radio we could involve a lot more people into any events tip.it do as a website as there will be reminders on the radio, and Radio DJ can do competitions and stuff. It would really attract a big crowd of people as I don't think any other Runescape fansite has a livestream?
  15. I'm mearly just posting this to see how many people would love to see a tip.it radio on the website. Hire people as 'Radio Staff' to broadcast live radio for anyone who comes onto tip.it. I will post more information on what it could include and incur if this becomes a hot topic.
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