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  1. Well like i said the other day i am jam packed with pics to edit and such aswell as busy with school and work, but here a few pictures of levels that i have gotten [spoiler=63 Farming (im 65 but i kinda missed a pic for 64 and 65 :unsure: )] [spoiler=Runecrafting 67-70! :thumbsup:] [spoiler=74 Agilty :shades: ]
  2. Really sorry about the huge amount of inactivity on my blog these past few days everyone! It was never my intention, however the main reason why i haven't updated my blog was because I was super busy on Runescape and IRL. I have around 10 pictures or so which I just have to crop and upload and such, which they will then be posted onto this blog. :grin:
  3. Well i finally have curses unlocked now, after 2 days of solid questing, i have completed around 10 quests to get them, now for some prayer training! :grin: so here's some levels i recieved yesterday 81 Mining 83 Prayer! 84 Prayer! 85 Prayer! and finally 87 prayer! (i missed 86 lol!)
  4. thanks for the support, and i will ask you questions if i need some advice along the road Also here is a few pics of lvls that i got today, ive been doing a crap ton of quests to unlock curses only 2 more to go! 62 Farming! 73 Agility! 89 Dung!
  5. Amazing stats dude, currently working towards max cape myself, if you could give me and tips or tricks or anything advice at all please do, i need all the help and motivation i can get, and good luck with your goals im rooting for you to achieve them!
  6. Here's just a few lvls i've gotten so far today. I could've gotten higher but ive been doing a bunch of quests because as you all can likely tell im going to be getting turmoil, so ive been doing all the quest requirements for curses 79 prayer! 80 prayer! 81 prayer! 82 prayer!
  7. lol rennn u got a good 200 lvl head start on me bud =) and thanks hyoro, it will be interesting to see whos faster to the max cape (pfft, im obviously going to win that race without and competition) =D
  8. Hello everyone, my RSN is Ametharia. I've been an active runescape player for the past or so years, I started my runescape career when I was in the 5th grade and i have never looked back since. I've started this thread to document my progress towards the Max cape, and to show all of you my progress. I decided to start going for max cape around a month or so ago, where I have made some very good progress so far. I only decided to start this thread from the encouragement of a friend named Hyoro, who also has a thread and is going for max cape. But enough with the introductions. Here is a picture of my stats thus far There are also quiet a handful of items I would like to achieve along the way, which include: Zaryte bow Full Virtus Glaiven boots, and Steadfast boots Ragefire boots Full Armadyl Full Bandos Arcane Spirit Shield Spectral Spirit sheild [spoiler=61 Farming]I achieved this one last night
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