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  1. Some semi important levels. Levels not screenied include 81 smith and 62 divi
  2. Type of gentlemen that by looking at him, would trust him to take care of my investments.
  3. NECRO So since my last post a few things have happened. Work started throwing me crazy hours so I didn't have much time for Rs, then I went off to college and finished my first semester. I didn't play many games at all during my first semester due to trying to get a feel for what I can and can't do. I returned on December 18th blah blah blah. Dunno how long I'll play for tbh. 60+ all and 2400 Totals
  4. Look at it like a book. Up until now it has been the Prologue. You've made it through, regardless of how it went. Now you get to the longest part yet, the actual story. That's atleast how I look at it. Maybe in 40 years you will be old, but now tis le spring chicken.
  5. Indeed. My fav server is like 12 man I believe. But mom lost her new job, so I picked up some extra hours to help out. Internet has been really poop because I'm uploading whenever I am home/at work. Pop into a game to gather last few card drops when I can(usually afk eating or something lol). Once I move into my dorm I should have more free time, easier work schedule, and easy classload first semester. So more scape/cod4 for ya.
  6. Cali and RL. Besides you only play one match except for when we dominated. RPD 45 killstreak trololol
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