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  1. 2007 is back and I decided to do it all myself... A big big challenge, no daily spins to get 250k easily... No diaries to get money from ... BEAST
  2. Great blog, all the clues and drops... Impressive indeed :) I dislike combat EoC, I used to train combat all the time w slayer but I can't seem to get any melee tasks, everything is ranged or magic based... :(
  3. Thanks iTeamedi and blake :) A pic of my resource tab =) Once I have a decent farming level, I might open all the seed nests... But my original plan was to open them after 99 woodcut, it's tempting though, we will see ^^
  4. Hello, I'm back active here a recap of the last 45 days 70 fletch 40 constructoin while doing a daily challenge (had to get 8 special teak logs to get the right number of planks) Getting the 8 specials took some time without 'deadliest catch', there is one tree close to a fairy ring, south west of CW Reward of the challenge 75 fletch while making the yew shieldbows 80 fletch 50 dungeon My first torstols 135 cmb Great reward for 336 yew shieldbows Best spin reward to date =) More torstol, this time for 336 magic shortbows 60 smith :) More rewards of challenges Magic milestone And made a Ring of Wealth with a mindbomb boost Big reward for 336 magic shortbows Contact to start plundering 65 en 70 thieving =) No special rewards though, but I keep every single item of PP Small quest to start the big one for alot of special teaks ... And here it is My personal record thus far: 4 specials in one invent 82 wc, might stick here a while Did mtk for 12 days, 9 maple and 6 herb 15m total xp Some quests Got the last couple tokens for this nice scroll =) More dragonstones, gotta love these fletching tasks and 83 woodcut, might post a picture of my recources tab later
  5. Heya Today I gathered all the resources for the longbows :) First, a fletch level (getting 70 now to get started) My very first level 80 skill ! And 60 rc while getting the nats And... TA-DAAAAAAA *dances* And just out of curiosity But at the end of the process, I will get 6144k cash from alching :D So the yews were basically the hardest part. Took me a full week to chop them in catherby (french world, no bots there) I got them with a rune hatchet and about 160-180 an hour. I had to read alot for school so after all I got them really fast. The bowstrings are from 10 days MTK and snowmen :P Only had to spin them And the nature runes are from pure essence I found in the chest from rune memories. I crafted all the nats via abyss, about 2k nats per hour So now i'm getting 70 fletching and tomorrow i'll start fletching those bad boys. Grtz
  6. Rare spin... meh I also attended the last december weekend activity (snowman) I got some cool rewards but I was hoping for a dragon halberd, can't complain though In total I got 1 dragon battleaxe, 3 dragon longsword, 200 dragon darts, around 4000 air runes, around 230 chocolate bars, close to 1000 flax and 60-potato cactus together with some swamp tar, coal and pure essence. Then I did some quests All for this ofcourse Now I don't need to mine any pure essence to complete my goal (will start crafting 8k nature runes after I chopped 8k yew logs) Got this while spinning some flax Grtz
  7. Gratz with all the levels, kbd and qbd kill and ofcourse the lovely sara sword! Nice! Had the same rare spin earlier this day >.<
  8. Thanks both :D So these weeks are fairly important to me since I have exams in 2 weeks. While reading through all the pages I work on my 8k yew goal and I'm going pretty strong :) First of all a couple challenges 65 mining, lovely mining spot for coal and iron Small reward for a fun challenge: 100 arctic pine All I did after that was getting my woodcut up from 71 to 76 only on yews :P Passed 4k I also did MTK for 10 days, 9 on maple and 6 on flax. I need the flax for my main goal (8k yew longbows, or should I say shieldbows) Here is a spreadsheet And that makes a total of 8030 maple logs, 7500 flax, 54 seed nests, 23 ring nests, 3 egg nests, 4 toadflax seeds, 4 guam seeds, 1 marrentill seed and 1 tarromin seed. I'm not opening those seed nests until ..... i have bank space .... lol that's probably never, we will see, I'll farm all my other (herb) seeds first hehe Exactly the same challenge (336 maple shortbow) AND EXACTLY the same reward. I'm happy though. Dstone count: 11 Quick level in between, this sally might become handy sooooooon Ow yea armour upgrade! Welcome little helm. (In all honesty I forgot this quest gave me the helmet, I just wanted to finish this quest to destroy the jester costume to save bank space :$) Then I did this 3 minute quest. What a shame I haven't done it before (vampyre slayer) And as we speak I hit the 5,000 yews :) only 3k to go and I chopped over 1400 today Ö Also this milestone, 100 seed nests (46 from trees, 54 MTK) A full bank pic ? Might come later... A few tabs are very organised but the main junk tab is really not worth looking at :P Grtz
  9. 26/12/2012 Did 2 easy quests to start Icthlarin's Little Helper Had to do this quest to complete my daily challenge of pyramid plunder :P Thanks to quest I got this milestone (60 agility) Reward from challenge Decided to do smoking kills. Final bossfight was easier with ranged than with slash (his weakness) Lvl 3 clue reward 60 slay More updates later :P grtz
  10. Daily task, got my first magic logs :) i'm able start roving elves and complete mourning ends part 1 now to get in lletya Used my 200k bonus xp and went from 53-65 hunting in one burst Collected all the rocks for the very first time Got alot xp and some levels Hunt xp reward from daily challenge Finally managed to get 59 crafting to solve the clue Reward And then an amazing reward for fletching 336 maple shortbow Then I got another clue from cave horrors (which are awesome to kill now with magic :D) And a nice milestone, 70 woodcutting (no annoying bots in french world)
  11. The point is not whether this is a good deal or not. Ofcourse this is a great deal. But think about it, jagex might be in a desperate need for money...
  12. Thanks for the replies ^^ Got this spin Already have a few pendants, I'll use them soon I fell in love with those daily challenges, most of them don't take that much time but the rewards are awesome (xp wise and bag) My first two runite ores :) Nice milestone, gotta do smoking kills soon tho :( (after my fire battlestaff clue) And then I managed to finish the christmass event + the side quest to get 200k hunt bonus xp. This is just great because this will bring me to level 67. More than enough for magpies :) So a quick recap: - In the following weeks I will chop 8k yew logs, I'm also emptying my MTK chest every day to spin the flax - I need to use the 200k bonus hunt xp - I need to empty my pendants Grtz
  13. Hi, I'm back after a good 3 month break :) I continued with my big goal (first few pics are still from september) Those trials again :) And 87 combat and a lot of summoning levels thanks to some lamps Now we are back in december Doing those quests for MTK Nice spin from the triple cash weekend Et voila! So I've put 1500k in the chest, 9 on maple and 6 on flax. I will empty the chest every day and spin the flax. I will get about 8k flax. Now I'm chopping some yews too, but don't worry, I won't chop them all 8000 at once :P The flax will give me enough crafting xp to get 59 crafting (which is enough to craft a fire battlestaff with a crafting pot) The reason i want this staff is because I'm close to the last step on a level 3 clue and I don't want to drop it :P Another wc lvl Grtz
  14. Hello Sorry for the lack of updates, but next monday school starts so I will be playing more runescape and try to update every couple days :) Although I'll have access to fifa 13 this saturday, so I'll probably play that game alot too :) So first of all a big recap of all the things that happened last weeks Solved a med clue 40 Fletching And my 7th hard clue, quite happy with the bandos cloak Big milestone for me, my first level 70 skill 1300 total Another quest First time I've done the penguins minigame. Was able to find 9 out of 10 (gotta do some quests for jatiszo island) 50 Hunter A nice prized pendant from the wheel 60 wc and 60 magic :) And completed a quest I started long time ago but couldn't finish (to use fairy rings) 50 fletch And completed a couple more quests, including one of the most annoying ones in runescape All this was necessary to complete this masterquest. Finally I'm able to catch monkfishes!!! Lovely rewards, too And the reward of my first daily challenge (had to chop 55 yews) --- And I have a new goal in mind... Here we go 1. Get fishing to 71 (monkfish) 2. Cook monkfish 3. Get a raw shark with admiral pie 4. Complete fremennik trials, throne of miscellania and royal trouble 5. Chest in MTK for 10 days (1500k): 9 on maple, 6 on flax 6. Chop 8000 yews (makes 78 wc) 7. Spin 8000 flax (makes 59 craft) 8. Make fire battlestaff with crafting potion 9. Get 8000 nature runes 10. Once level 70 fletching from all the maple logs (MTK), craft 8k yew longbows (makes 79 fletch) 11. High alch 8K yew longbows (makes 72 magic and 6144K) I've finished the first step lol, took me 3-4 days (not playing alot) I need the raw shark to complete fremennik trials and the fire battlestaff is to finish a hard clue, killed a couple 100 fire giants but they refuse to drop one :( Chopping 8k yews might take a long time, but I'll combine that with work for school I'll probably chop the yews at rimmington if I'm able to start the quest rocking out That's all for now, expect more updates soon. Grtz
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