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  1. Every time you post a picture it makes me feel poor <_< Don't think being rich is super-amazing forever. One day, if you get rich, you might do a gAmbler and lose it all. :lol: Being poor is fun. :thumbsup: lvl 135 with full rune and no good 99s lol :| and no 1 team with me to kill monsters :(
  2. Another sad update for me... i was expecting something good... I miss quests ... some storys are amazing but now... the quests are dead... we also need new bosses.... nop
  3. Jack of Trades. whats the bonus xp total do you know? An exp tome that takes less than 2 minutes to obtain, which is pretty much the equivalent of a small lamp. not bad :>
  4. No clue what to do with those. Emotes are useless Title are useless and the auras are not really good :| and another 12k points is coming not sure if i should wait for something quite good
  5. Aha another Canadian. Which province? ;)

  6. [/hide] Where is that place :> That's the Lava Flow Mine, accessible after completing the King of the Dwarves quest. thanks sorry no unspam :>
  7. Mature content: [hide] [/hide] Not sure if lucky or its just really useless and its common got it in the last 3 days lol 5/7 spins (1extra from peng) cant sell no bonus :>
  8. thx to everyone @kaida im from Montreal but im in Vancouver to learn English faster :D
  9. Hello i was using tip-it for a while and now im joining you ! Im from Canada <3 I love George St-Pierre and Runescape and its a pleasure to meet you all!
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