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  1. source: http://services.rune...variety-and-fun Think that is the third-to-last Og Blog. the only thing that post says is how the current combat is unskillful (alot of it being untrue might i add), and nothing about how the new system will help improve it. um, wait, what? isnt that the entire point of hybriding? seems like jagex wants us to make our decisions before a fight, then play it out while spamming cooldowns, wow-style, as opposed to being able to dynamically switch styles during a fight. personally i think the system is far from perfect right now, but i don't think the best way to fix it is by removing the ability to switch weapons/armor.
  2. Buying floors is definitely a possibility, but if you have low stats your money might be better spent elsewhere. Remember there are things like Penguin points, Tears of Guthix, Troll Invasion, JoT, Spin Lamps that can easily boost your skill. Most people actually recommend that's what you do until a certain level (at least unlocking occs). personally i just didnt care, my sanity is more important than some mills. i don't have high enough melee stats to solo smalls at a decent speed, (though i am training them), and ranged/mage is virtually broken in dung.
  3. No, it's not pking, but it will add more skill to pking. It's not even close to just "spamming one button", it's more like "spamming the right buttons at the right time". One of the design goals at Jagex is to add some skill in pking with this update. have they said how they are going to do that? because it seems like the changes would just make pking less dynamic and interesting.
  4. i don't think pking takes any particularly great levels of skill, but ANY level of skill is better than no skill at all, even if it is just about switching armors, weapons, and prayers. and of course navigating interfaces can still be be difficult, i guess invoker is for scrubs because its all about navigating interfaces :rolleyes:. and im pretty sure you're trolling if you are seriously suggesting that spamming a single action is remotely similar to pking.
  5. the biggest (and only) problem i have with the evolution of combat thing is that it sounds like itid pretty much take all skill out of pvp. no switching armors and stuff? perfect rock-paper-scissors system? seems like the fight would get decided just from what setup you use, then you just pound at each other until the person with the better end of the combat triangle wins the day.
  6. k it all good, i just buy floors now 1 mill to leech a floor is far better than waiting around all day for a party
  7. tracking jadinkos is pretty much the same fking thing for 20 minutes as well
  8. lol, my dungeoneering level is incredibly low, which i guess may be the problem im sure its decent for people who are already a high level, but for someone trying to start dungeoneering without incredibly high combat/current dungeoneering, its retarded ranging is also incredibly bad i looked around on the forums and they all need 70+ dung or sumshit what if you don't have that yet? solo till you get to that point? i mean wtf
  9. ive never seen or heard of these clans, all thats advertised is this leeching shit dungeoneering wasn't so bad back when you didn't need to take 1 hour to find a team
  10. recently got back into runescape, gotta say, what, the [bleep] is with dungeoneering. hardly anyone seems to play it. even when you do finally make a party it takes a ridiculously long time to actually clear floors of course you can solo, but thats just as more painful imo there seems to be no way of legitimately train the skill unless you are in one of those dungeoneering clans or something, but some people simply don't have the combat level, skill level, or time investment to do that :/ meh, maybe its just me
  11. Just as an update, i got back into it again and im still getting pretty decent margins on TT items, though it does take longer to buy than i used to remember. Definitely feeling the pinch not having member atm though, 2 slots is absolutely terrible.
  12. I remember with the old grand exchange maybe a year or so ago, i could pretty easily make pretty darn good money a day just flipping. Juts wondering how possible it is in the current GE. I haven't really gotten very much into the game again yet.
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