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  1. Please do remember there are several web-based IRC clients that you could user through SwftBrowse - such as Mibbit and KiwiIRC, or visit SwiftIRC.net and navigate to the Chat section. These very much look and act like the native SwiftKit IRC client that you are use to. -sorry for the bump-
  2. It's sad to see that the community that once built up SwiftKit is now the one bringing it down. The client itself is great. Functions as it should. There is just little support from the average player (this topic makes me feel there is some hope, however) in to helping keep the client relevant and with updated content and information. You have to remember how big the world of Runescape is, and that a handful of individuals are responsible for creating and maintaining this client. To expand it in to something such as OSRS is a massive task, one that may not be needed as to the other options out there.
  3. Techincally there is little wrong with the images - Just watch your depth of field when doing landscape images as generally you would want the focal point to be the sharpest (In some of your images, the focal point is the background but the foreground is sharpest). Depth of field is generally determined by your 'f-stop', if you're using a lower f-stop such as 2.8 or 5/6, your depth of field is very limited. For photographs such as this I would suggest an aperture size of at least f11. My suggestion would be to try taking some a different time of day, such as dusk or dawn, or during a weather event. This will make your images more dynamic and interesting rather then appearing flat due to the harsh sun.
  4. Your focus seems a little out on all of these images - For example, on the bee image, the focus seems to be on his wing and not the head/body. Are you using an auto-focus or manually setting it? This is something you will pick up on as you progress. I'd suggest if you're using a standard lens that you get as close as possible to the subject without having to 'zoom' or vary the focal length too much.
  5. I'm pleased for this to finally be happening! Tip.it has a great user-base and a plethora of information that is now accessible for SwiftKit users.
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