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  1. I will have to say I am very excited for the Evolution of Combat. I would like to see a few servers be used for the current system but not effect the new servers when they come out.
  2. Hello everyone, as you can see my name is Akabigjoe. I have been using Tip.it for as long as I can remember. I started playing Runescape over five years now and I have used Tip.it for 99% of my information. I can be your best friend at times and I want to be your friend, but I do not like people that get out of order. I like rules and I like a clean forum. I created my account today because I was looking around and I really enjoyed the way the community looks. Anyways I will keep this short and I will see you guys around the forums and in game!
  3. This is what you will have to do: 1. Go to the Runescape forum > Account Help > Forgotten/Cannot Access e-mail. 2. Tell them your situation. They will then ask you to provide information to prove ownership of the account. If everything checks out well and that the account you are trying to change the password is in fact yours they will inbox you via Runescape and they will either give you the exact email or a portion of the email. I hope this helps my friend and good luck!
  4. I would like for Jagex to reduce the amount of micro-payment promotions. They can keep the Squeal of Fortune and General Store, but please stop shoving it in my face.
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