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  1. You're completely ignorant if you think that. Those other updates merely messed up some minor things with the game but this one turns runescape into a different game. I have no desire to play the game when this update comes out and I will never be back if it isn't changed.
  2. Hello, anyone who is opposed to the EoC update is welcome to come to our peaceful demonstrations on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of November. To anyone who is not opposed to the EoC update I respect your opinion but please realize we have our differences. I don't wish to start a debate this is only an invitation. Below is a link to a youtube video with information about how you can attend these demonstrations. Click here for your invitation. Don't forget to RSVP =).
  3. Thanks for bearing with me through this. I'll open a support ticket and post the solution here if I get an answer from them.
  4. Unfortunately, after I cleared my Jagex cache and restarted my computer it's still occuring. I also tried changing the graphics from min to high and from fixed to resizable which didn't help either. Could the problem be that I'm missing a patch or update?
  5. Changing the Display mode didn't do anything but how do I clear my Runescape Cache? Also does SK run off my default browser or is it considered a seperate browser?
  6. I don't experience this glitch when I'm using internet explorer or the runescape game client, however, I do experience it when i'm using google chrome.
  7. Ah I see. My computer won't have any problems running the 32 bit version though, right? Oh, and can I download both? Heheh, sorry for the barrage of questions but after uninstalling and reinstalling the 32bit version it still seems to be happening. Any other ideas on what might be causing it?
  8. Thanks for the advice Simmo! I have a 64bit computes, however. I'm guessing I'll need the 64bit download, correct?
  9. Hello, I've been experiences some odd problems with the swiftkit client recently. Basically, when I right click to open the right click window in-game it automatically closes while I ahve the cursor over the menu. Also, my cursor seems to flash or dissapear and reappear at very fast intervals which seems to be the cause of this. I've tried reinstalling SwiftKit a few times and that's obviously not working. It's important for me to be able to use swiftkit so I can combat check for my clan. Do any of you know a good way to fix this? Any input would be greatly appreciated. =) Thanks, Ray ---Haven't quite solved the problem yet, however, this page is very helpful when dealing with this issue: http://services.rune.../Technical_Help (once you select your computer type click on I'm experiencing problems while in game and then on cursor flash or stutter.) I believe the problem I've been having has somehting to do with my NVIDIA Graphics Processor. ---According to Simmo this is a problem with Java so it would be best to send a support ticket to Jagex.
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