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  1. Very nice article Dracae :) Fun fact: It was totally coincidental that Dracae and I wrote articles that fit very well together :P
  2. I've been lobby-sitting since this started. The random freezes and lag spikes are frustrating; hopefully they get it fixed soon!
  3. Maybe I made a mistake in referencing fishing. C2 dung fishing, I believe, is the fastest way to train and I should have made a note in there about that. My apologies! :) A lot of mini-games are dead content. I wish that they were still alive and kicking, but unfortunately that's no longer the case.
  4. As The Floating Pen stated, we would love to see some amazing entries! Time to show off your creative skills, Tip.It!
  5. Phoenix left to work with another big video game company in the UK.
  6. I expected nothing less, haha. ----- Screenshot of @jagexphoenix's account in its current state (censored some stuff to stay within TIF rules): ----- Topic on reddit: http://www.reddit.co...t_click_on_any/ @sallythebutcher and @jagexrocket are still "hacked," apparently many others as well (I'm not sure where to find a list of employees, maybe a Twitter list will have it). (this comment is currently being edited a ton as I take pictures/add links, bear with me) I'm the OP on that Reddit thread (/u/WNCaptain) and I'd just like to clear some things up that we've just recently learned: It's unclear whether it was a jagex-specific database that was hacked into or a fan-site. The latter is more likely. There is a lot of confusion. All we know right now is that there are some JMod twitters hacked and that you SHOULD NOT be clicking links from any Jagex social media account.
  7. They never said that they didn't have a backup, they said that the backup would be unable to bring back the entire game and the server like OSRS did.
  8. It's been stated before that after August 2007, Jagex changed their backup system and that there is no way that a backup for ~October 2012 exists. Sure, they said something similar with OSRS but it was pure luck that they managed to find a backup. I wouldn't count on 2012 servers being released.
  9. I see what you're saying, but SilentC0re (Mod Silent) is going to be working from the Jagex Headquarters. Do you think he would have a regular J-Mod account and the others would just have a crown? Or would they all have restricted moderator accounts? What I'm saying is that we probably won't know unless one of them tells us :)
  10. I could be wrong, but I would imagine that they get normal J-Mod accounts. Since their roles are similar to those of CM J-Mods, and CM J-Mods have "Run of the mill" J-Mod accounts, I would guess that they would have regular J-Mod accounts as well. We'll wait and see!
  11. Oh, what I would give to attend RuneFest atleast once! Looks like a fun event, I'll be sitting at home drooling over pictures and videos from the event!
  12. All extremely well-written articles. In response to TS_Stormrage's article - I've been a part of the gaming and game developing communities for a long time. No matter what changes are made, you're always going to end up upsetting somebody. There is simply no avoiding it. Humans naturally don't like change. We like to stay with what we're comfortable with. We don't want to adapt to a fancy new combat system. We won't take the time and get used to a new interface. I've noticed this attitude with all of the games that I've spent a lot of time playing. As players, we wield our torch and pitchfork and go after the company that's making the game when we honestly do not have any idea why these changes were made.
  13. I play mainly for the sense of accomplishment. I like seeing my work pay off slowly over time. I've thoroughly enjoyed my journey from being a noob straight off of Tutorial Island to slowly working up skills and finally being able to afford that sweet new armor. I take pride in the fact that I clicked, dragged, and grinded(ground?) all the way to where I am today. Another main reason why I play is because of the community. Of course, RuneScape is an online MMORPG and is prone to the occasional troll or rule-breaker, but overall it's a great way to meet new friends to enjoy the game with.
  14. Thank you for the suggestion! I enjoy dungeoneering - maybe I'll do it after 99 slayer! The main reason I'm doing Slayer is to level all of my combat skills along with it. I'll definitely try for 99 dungeoneering at some point ;) ~Crow
  15. INTRODUCTION For so long, my RuneScape career consisted of me hopping from task to task and having no real goal in the game. This caused me to quickly become bored with the game. As a result, throughout my career I have gotten 0 99's and have quit very frequently. I've realized that I needed something to spice up my life in Gielinor and that was a goal that I could strive to achieve. This blog is a series of posts that follows me through my life in Gielenir and shows my goals and accomplishments from achieving a 99 to final getting a bank worth a lot of GP. CURRENT STATS (Updated 7/17/2013) CURRENT GOALS (Updated 7/17/2013) Red = Planned, but not started Yellow = In Progress Green = Completed 99 Fishing (96/99) 99 Cooking (78/99) 99 Slayer (48/99) 45M+ Total Bank Worth 60M+ Total Bank Worth I'm still working on planning more goals, but my current goals will take quite a while. I'll update this first post often but I'll post new blog posts as a reply to this thread 3-5 times per week with pictures and stories regarding my current goals. Currently, this post is kind of bare but I'll update it as my goals progress! Check out my posts below for in-depth updates on my goals and accomplishments!
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