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  1. I'm buying Drygore rapier + offhand rapier, pm me ingame @ Binyamine
  2. selling 15 bandos chestplates 7.3M ea, pm me ingame @ Binyamine
  3. So I'm not the only one. As for graphical settings, nice idea, had it too and tried, didn't work... Thanks anyway! Now I just met a guy who has the same problem
  4. Ikr, that worked when I completed Big Chompy Bird Hunting, but I swear that doesn't work anymore. Bubbles never appear as an option in the game, not even shortly.
  5. Yes that's what I'm doing, swamp bubbles don't appear when right clicking.
  6. Ogre bellows are required for completion of Skrach Uglogwee part of Recipe for Disaster quest. Refilling them on the swamp doesn't work (option doesn't appear). Does anyone have the same problem ?
  7. Well that's what I feared... Thanks anyway man ! (+EOC sucks)
  8. Hello guys! I would like to know about the gear and inventory setup I should use to solo tribrid Dagannoth Kings. My stats are: Def 92 ; Atk 80 ; Str 84 ; Mage 99 ; Range 87 ; HP 90 ; Prayer 71 ; Sum 69 I don't have overloads.
  9. Player-owned ports !

  10. Hey guys ! I just tried to start Fairy Tale - Part I by talking to Martin the master gardener. Strangly, I couldn't start the quest, so I opened my noticeboard to check what was going on. In the quest requirements, it shows that I didn't complete Lost City quest. However, I did a long time ago... If anybody knows what I should do, or what is the problem, please tell me ! :)
  11. Having a nice clan is cool.

  12. Actually the link on the banner announcing the free festive aura for all members doesn't work. We should wait for the details, but as you guys said, an aura has a limited duration + recharge time. I bet on something like 1 hour duration and 4 hours recharge.
  13. 1M made by merchanting today.

  14. Reached 70M total XP !

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