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  1. BoL is still inefficient even including the agility xp. I've heard that it is around 60k fish and 35k agility/hr making it better then barb, still a lot worse then c2 fish/wcing
  2. I think the safest bet with divination is to wait atleast 1-4 weeks until you train it, just go to 99 and wait until they boost the xp per hour. If they don't, what have you lost?
  3. Knowing that divination's artisan skill coming out next year will boost most gathering's skills xp/hr and combat is overall around 650kxp/hr, you'd be silly not to do it.
  4. sorry about the le snippiness, well I don't know for under 99. Snippy due to the amount of comments I've had on my videos about people testing 10 minutes without ardy cloak/gloves of silence, then saying it is shit and leaving :/ 90% sure lioness isn't wearing gloves, 10/10 not reading full posts -.- lion gloves make a huge difference :)
  5. oh dear, before you start making xp rates please test a little longer, reminding everyone about traders low success rate and the verity of xp rates you will obtain. Lurker does not help at traders, you can try, however I did 80mxp with it and did not see any difference. Oh and lol alkan, if only you stuck to the one account, the one game.
  6. in the video it says 200-700k cash per hour
  7. Knowing that drumgun does slow methods if they make good money I would presume that he would be doing master farmer, on his runetracker it seems like he is player 14-18 hour days which would definitely fit. Good on him :)
  8. dreyri tested and found that they were 420k combat xp/hr
  9. all I know right now is tki deneb and dragonseance within a matter of seconds, I would imagine there would be multiple more
  10. dragonseance has been given a 2 day ban so have a lot of others, just now :/
  11. remembering this is a 200m all skills thread, I don't feel like fpf is worth training (even though I have done 60+ hours of it) due to the fact that there is going to be an agility update next year that will most likely have the same affect on the skill as runespan did to rc. I would rather wait a year for a skill to become relaxed non afk 110k+ xp then 90k+ for first 10 hours then 95k+ for next 20 then after 30 hours with full concentration 100k+. Yes Flash Powder is fun but it has become dead content because of this hyped up new agil update. Link to your fpf calc would be nice
  12. My god the amount of times I died at iron/steel dragons for afk barraging them :P All that 07 cash put to waste fixing virt :c
  13. Anyone have random sprites of really enjoying the game? I seem to be really into rs while I'm at school :s like for the past 2 weeks 4-6 hours sleep is the most I've been getting :P
  14. doesn't really matter he has some time to kill before agilspan anyways :) He has smooth road ahead of him really, fishing is quite relaxing, mine/smith is warbands which is quite fun really
  15. oh dear, how many times I cried myself to sleep because I missed out on icefiends :'(
  16. Has anyone else done any testing of c2 fish/wc and there xp rates? I did my c2 a while back and I had averaged over 180k over a couple of hours of testing. Would like to see others upload hour+ long videos at c2 :)
  17. logging in after dc :) Actually seems like a battle :o
  18. Sooo, I know a lot of people make guides on certain methods for max xp but have we actually came up with the highest plausible experience per hour that is legitimate for 200m all skills? e.g. (obviously not pot fishing to 200m fish, royal d'hides to 200m craft instead of uncut d's, not 100% lossless fletching xp) etc etc However I can imagine people giving varied answers due to there perspective on "plausible" and how they play rs themselves, would still be interesting to read peoples responses :)
  19. RS has changed so much over the years, this looks nothing like classic :P
  20. Does anyone know the sum xp/hr at frosts (in charms obviously) I honestly wouldn't mind doing frost drags over waterfiends if it's around 3-4m cash an hour and only around 50kxp less :D Oh and another topic I wanted to bring up, apparently roger al isn't using master rc at runespan :/ it took me around 22 hours to do this weekend (including mess ups other people dcing and all that jazz) which will give a 5% bonus. at 50m rc xp the outfit will save you over 44 hours presuming you average 110k rc xp per hour. I don't know how many of you have boosted great orb project, but it is the most relaxing thing you could ever do :) So roger mahh bby, I don't know you but i love you and I hope that you obtain your master rc before it becomes unworthy for you :) no homo
  21. Well here is something I have found interesting talking to others about. Why does everyone play the game and what motivates you? This is quite interesting amongst higher level players aswell as I have asked 2-3 players over 2b xp. Detail would be highly appreciated :) for e.g. I feel like rs is keeping me safe and off the streets (smoked pot all day everyday for nearly a full year before I started playing hard), I also enjoy seeing my gains + efficient days. My goal is to gain as much efficient xp before I lose motivation :)
  22. I completely agree with bxp :) I wonder if anyone alchs on the way back from warbands ;P Obviously still doing your surges inbetween alchs. (you'd need to bring your fire runes aswell due to getting killed for not having wep).
  23. That was combined, key notes I'd strongly suggest, attack while fishing/wcing (don't need clearers), leave after 5 rooms, mage, sorry for short reply at school :P
  24. Plus this is a 200m all skills thread so I have no idea why people would be talking about max on here :/ First hour of c2 for me was 184kxp :D quite happy, easily doable for weeks of full days (16 hours)
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