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  1. if he logs in does he get rank 2 back?
  2. I find it interesting that Lynx is doing slayer and herblore at the same time, and he's still #1 or #2 for the month in both. He even got an herblore month record while also getting the second most xp in slayer. Why didn't he just completely crush herblore instead of doing just a few hours a day?
  3. There really is no way toxic people make anything better. They pretty much make anything they are apart of worse so i don't really see anything justifying it.
  4. Ya lol i was just sharing my experiences with him because they confirm hes a major [wagon]
  5. Hahahahahahaha Hey btw can i have some gp
  6. Ok i didn't want to be the one to start saying things, but since it's been brought up, ya he was a major dick and i was honestly so happy he got banned. He harassed me, called me pathetic, and even made an account, joined my clan, and supported himself in an argument against me. The argument was about me being pathetic and that suomi was a pedophile (why would he spread that rumor). He then asked my friend for money and said he would pay him back, and then he just kept the money. I've never heard of anyone saying he wasn't a dick, and the fact that he attacked someone irl just confirms this guy has issues. To add to this, the only exchange we had ever had before this was me saying gratz to him a few times, which he then said he wanted to take me off his friends list me because he doesn't keep "pathetic fanboys" on his friends list. So like gemeos said, i usually don't feel good about bad things happening to other people, but this time I'm happy he at least got some punishment for his behavior P.S. Thanks richard for taking one for the team, hope you're face is alright
  7. He headbutted richard at runefest lmao
  8. Awesome, ya i follow osrs pretty closely with cml and just checking out the highscores, but i never really look at that thread
  9. Nope, im excited to see how this works out tho. ik fm is now free and fast af, or faster af
  10. RIP, also 08 graphics were nice. I wish 07 had those graphics, but thats just my opinion im sure there are plenty of people that like 07's graphics as they are, but thats almost irrelevant to 200m all lol
  11. wait how the hell is jake's that high? hasnt drumgun played more than him consistently for much longer, and he only has 50 more days
  12. omg finally, he should have been like rank 3 or 6 right, i forget if he got 5.199 before or after alkan and dseance
  13. So now that rc is 220k xp/hr, what is the new slowest skill to use jack of trades and bxp on? div has cache, fishing already has a source for bxp and elf fishing is coming out, wcing has bxp and daily yew trees. Whats left?
  14. Only took how long lol ikr, but atleast its here
  15. meh, you dont want it to be too easy. I think a more difficult alternative to runespan that rewards your extra effort with extra xp is pretty good
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