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  1. Oh sad face! I was all excited to invite you to join Clan Jaguar but we are a very old clan. If you can't find what your looking for we would love to have you. You sound like you would fit right in. We are a clan that's been around for almost 12 years. We hold daily events of all kinds and anyone can host. We have our own Team Speak channel and our own clan forums. (feel free to google us) :wink: Just one big family here. We are supportive and just love to have fun. Anyway I just wanted to wish you luck. :razz:
  2. Come join the fun! We will be having 8 man teams and each game will last 10 minutes. See you there! Friday May 3rd What: Rugby Recruitment Event When: 4pm est - 9pm bst Where: Clan Jaguar Citadel at the battlefield Host: Lotus1982 and xHero girlx We are a 16+ clan. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
  3. Hi Acidic Mist, I'm Lotus and I am from Clan Jaguar. We are the third oldest clan in runescape. I first would like to say welcome back. I know alot has changed in the game but trust me its not that bad. Everything is very easy to learn. Being a member of Clan Jaguar I can tell you we do pride ourselves in being a very social, mature, out going and fun clan. We hold daily events that consist of combat such as pvm events to skilling events and mini games. Keep in mind you too can host events. Aside from our clan chat we also have our own clan forum http://forums.clanjaguar.com/ as well as our own team speak channel. On our forum we talk about everything on runescape as well various other topics such as cooking, movies, music and other games to name a few. If you would like to know more about joining Clan Jaguar feel free to respond on here and I will get back to you. Or you can visit our forum and apply. Whatever you decide, good luck! Only requirement is you at least have to be 16 yrs old.
  4. Why Clan Jaguar is for you! We have great clan history! Being the 3rd oldest clan in Runescape, Clan Jaguar has been going strong now for almost twelve years. We pride ourselves on being a mature but very social, outgoing and fun-loving clan. We are also very active; holding daily events ranging from skilling to mini games, pvm and dueling to name a few. Please keep in mind that you are free to host events too! We also hold many events with our allies. Such as dunge competitions, slayer competitions and clan war events to name a few. As for the citadel, you are not required to cap, but we do encourage it. Currently, we are at tier 6 (almost 7!) and having more avatars would really benefit every member of our clan. Another great thing about Clan Jaguar is that we have our own clan forums. On the forums you can find Runescape updates, upcoming events for the week and post about your accomplishments in the game however we also have various non-game related topics, such as a variety of delicious recipes, topics on movies to watch and new and upcoming games to play. (Please feel free to Google us) As well as our own clan forums, we also have our own Teamspeak channel, where lots of us voice chat on a daily basis. Karaoke events are hosted on our Teamspeak too, often with our ally clans, so if you love to sing, or even play an instrument; it’s a lot of fun! Our only requirement is you have to be at least 16 years old. On a personal note: This is the first clan I have ever been in. And I think it’s the best choice I have ever made. The people are down to earth and helpful and funny and very welcoming. I don’t think runescape would be as fun without them. If you would like to talk about joining Clan Jaguar, feel free to message me. I look forward to hearing from you or you can visit our clan forum at http://forums.clanjaguar.com/ and make an application. See you soon! 8-)
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