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  1. Welcome, dear reader, to our recruitment thread. El Diablos is an Old School RuneScape clan founded in February 2019. Even though we're pretty new, El Diablos already consists of over 100 members. Everyone is welcome to join us, no strings or obligations attached. We accept both experienced and new RuneScape players. The oldest player in our clan has over 15 years of RuneScape experience, while the youngest only recently joined after the addition of RuneScape mobile! What we offer: - An active and sociable Clan chat + Discord channel, where you can chat with a helpful and friendly community while ploughing your way to the grindfest that is called RuneScape; - Weekly events, both F2P and P2P, where the main emphasis lies on hanging out together in a chill environment (skilling, minigames, questing, boss battles, parties…); - A group of players that stands up for each other as a family. In our clan, everyone’s equal. You’ll always find a helpful hand when in need, or someone to talk to. How to join? Just hop in to our clan chat: 9pablodiablo. Don’t be afraid to say hi and let us know how you found out about us! Join the forums too so we can update you on upcoming events! General information: Clan chat: 9pablodiablo Discord channel: Pablodiablo#3828 Forums: http://eldiablos.jcink.net/ Signature item: Jungle Demon Mask. We all wear one when we meet up for non-combat events! Home world: 344 (members) Time zone of most members: EST and GMT Some pictures, videos... of our events: Recruitment event: King Black Dragon: Hide 'n Seek: PVM: Past events so far included: - Recruitment events; - Hide 'n seek; - King Black Dragon mass - Bandos mass - Dagannoth Kings - RuneScape Quiz - Barbarian Assault - Castle Wars Upcoming events: + Slayer competition ongoing!
  2. I. Introduction II. Requirements III. General information IV. Who's in charge? V. Rules VI. What we're looking for VII. What we offer VIII. How to join IX. Other After reading the other clan forum threads, I won’t waste your time with tons of words (if you are going to read their whole threads, you have a lot to do today). I'll just tell you what is important. The 10 or so of us who are creating this clan have been friends for years and are just now recreating our old clan. We are friendly, mostly high leveled, helpful, and goofy at times. We want those kinds of people in our clan. We're a sociable clan with an active clan chat whenever our members are online. We want to grow as big as possible, while maintaining a solid, active and friendly community. For this, we’ll need your help! There are no level requirements in our clan. However we're looking for dedicated members who will be an added value towards our community, active in-game and at our weekly clan events, and who will take the time to work a couple of hours a week in our Citadel to keep it in shape. The other things we expect of our members can be found in the rules section of this topic (V). Home worlds F2P: TBA P2P: 58 Clan cape: You can get it at Clan Camp once you joined. Clan Chat: Dregs(join us here to say hello when you'd like to apply :)) Memberlist can be found at the top of this thread. Official clan forum: http://dregs.b1.jcink.com/ Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/r1prspk1ng (as we only just started yet there are only videos about my former clan here, but they can give you an image about what you can expect in the future!) The leaders of The Dregs are: Buck Off Brockle The officers of The Dregs are: Slayer Kid In short, the big four rules are: 1. Be active on the chat; 2. Attend in-game events whenever you can; 3. Be respectful and helpful towards other members; 4. Follow the in-game rules! We're looking for friendly new members who are active on the forums and the clan chat. Preserving an active community is of utmost importance. Being active not only means that you play the game on a regular basis, but also attend events whenever possible. We offer you: - A great clan community with helpful members as well as weekly activities such as: - Pk Trips - Clan wars (later on) - F2P and P2P minigames (Castle Wars, Pest Control, Great Orb Project, Duel Arena, Barrows, Barbarian Assault, Tzhaar Fight Pit, Agility Arena, Fishing Trawler, Stealing Creation, Pyramid Plunder, Penguin hide and seek...) - Achievement parties (99 parties, Birthday Parties, drop parties, house parties,...) - Competitions(In game competions like a RuneScape quiz, Hide 'n seek, races, Scavenger hunts, Skill competitions... - Boss hunts (Kalphite Queen, God Wars, Chaos Elemental, King Black Dragon,...) - And More! You're welcome to host your own events too! In fact, we really encourage you to do so. It'd mean a great boost to our wonderful community. If you want to join, post here or join the clan chat Dregs. After being invited, visit the clan forum at http://dregs.b1.jcink.com/. Introduce yourself, take a look at the guides, and then join us in game for some fun.If you want to contact a leader, PM Brockle or Buck Off. We'd be glad to help. You can always contact any clan member to get an in-game invitation. If you have any questions, join our clan chat: Dregs. Our members will gladly help you out. We're also looking for clan friends and allies, so if you just want to check out or progress from time to time without having to join the clan, you can apply as clan friend. Feel free to add me to your friends list (Mr Jehowi) and I'll hope to see you soon in our clan! ~ Wim~
  3. Hi there, My name is Wim (and you can call me by my first name once I'm in your clan). I've been playing RuneScape since 2003, with an intermission here and there, and I just started playing again. A lot of things are new to me, although I'm a very experienced player. but a sad thing that's always been the same ever since I started playing, is that I always seem to survive my in-game friends. I've seen generations of RuneScapers quit, and I had a tremendous time with many of them, and they're always in my thoughts. But sadly enough, over the past 10 years nearly no one's ever returned, so I'm looking for a new clan/group of friends (read: my in-game family, because that's what a clan means to me) to join. What do I offer? - Experience. At my top I was leading a clan with over 180 active members, and I've been a high ranked member(council, moderator, admin,...) in countless others. I also used to be a great PKer and Warlord, but with these combat changes going on lately, I'm afraid that won't count anymore. - Help. I'm always there to help clan members out whenever I got the time. Usually if I'm not stuck somewhere in the middle of Morytania, the desert or the Elven lands, I will quickly come to the aid of my fellow members if they are stuck somewhere, need help finishing something or if they just need advice. - Dedication. I'm online nearly every day for several hours. I'm proud to say that I nearly never missed an official clan event of my former clans, so without trying to be boastful, I can say that I'd make a good addition to any new starting clan - because mainly that's what i'm looking for. I'm not planning to join a big, old clan, but rather join a new clan that needs help to grow big. More specific, I'm looking for a clan that organizes events like boss hunts, minigames, house parties, wildy trips/wars, anything will do, as long as it's diverges often and it happens on a regular base. I prefer smaller clans between 10-30 ACTIVE members. Thanks, W
  4. How about the old nite? Lilyuffy? Choppermad? Mahatma? Kids Ranqe? Dutch Leader? Elvemage? Tehnoobshow? Fat Wrecked? Vinchenzo?
  5. But you didn't post!

  6. I don't know who you are, but just by looking at your face, I can tell I wish to get to know you. So go ahead. Post. I promise I won't bite.

  7. Two Sudoku's for you to solve. They look easy, not? They should've been easy too, if I didn't mix them up a little bit! An x amount of 3x3 squares is 'traded' between the two 9x9 squares. (For example, the upper-left 3x3 square in 9x9 square one could've been traded with the upper-right 3x3 square in 9x9 square two.) In a 9x9 square aren't any 3x3 squares switched. The only way to switch 3x3 squares is/was to 'trade' them with the other 9x9 square. 3x3 squares aren't turned, nor mirrored. The only squares that moved are 3x3 squares, so 1x1 squares didn't move themselves. Your task: Remake the correct Sudoku's (So switch the 3x3 squares, following the rules) and solve them. Send the correct Sudoku's and the answers to me by using the EF Forum Private Message system. There's more than one solution, but you only need to find and send me one. Upload your final answer on a filehosting website(i.e. imageshack), send it to me together with your username. Good luck and happy puzzling.
  8. Your Clan Name (as you want it to appear): Endless Fate A link to your clan's banner (please keep it under 810x250 or it will automatically be resized): http://i1029.photobucket.com/albums/y353/Destinyrs/ef7r.jpg A link to your clan's website/forums: http://endlessfate.b1.jcink.com/index.php? A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=endlessfate Your Clan Leaders: EF Jehowi, Ladyinnight, Holymacy Your Clan Initials: EF Your Clan's Main Focus (ie. Warring, Skilling, Pest Control, etc.): Community based clan, with minigames, competitions, boss hunts and pvp(pk trips and wars).
  9. Thanks. I have to know his name, though :P
  10. How to get there? I forgot. I mean the part with the vines you can't cross...
  11. 1. Intro Hey everyone! Its time for another newsletter! A lot of things happened recently, so it was quite hard to keep track of everything. I hope we didnt forget to mention anything important in this newsletter. If I did, Im sorry. Now lets get back on topic. In this newsletter, you can read all about the events that took place this month, the considerable amount of new members who joined us recently, upcoming events in April, and Promotions! Table of contents 1. Intro 2. Event re-caps 2.1 Varrock Scavenger Hunt 2.2 Fishing Friday 2.3 Varrock Firefest 2.4 All hail Zaros pk trip 2.5 Warlord Tryouts and clan wars 2.6 full out war against the Legacy of Legends 2.7 Fried Friday 2.8 Roach Hunt 2.9 Battle Royal 3. Upcoming events for April 4. When will you be able to attend events? 5. The clan cape voting 6. Achievement medals 7. Signature of the month March 8. Guide of the month March 9. Civil Laws High Council review 10. Promotions 11. Members who joined this month 12. Milestones 13. Ending 2. Event Recaps 2.1. Varrock Scavenger hunt On the 5th March, we had our first ever Scavenger Hunt. Our members had to perform a series of actions in Varrock - talk to someone, bring item X, examine X, find the event host, - as fast as they could. The Scavenger Hunt looked like this: Part 1: I only talk to noobs. So get yourself the following items in the shops in Varrock: Red cape, bronze sword, bronze square shield, bronze platebody, bronze platelegs, bronze med helm. Part 2: Anagram: Examine the sign near pigy syras. Tell me what it says( Answer: gypsy aris, fortune-teller. Guaranteed no waiting.) Part 3: Go to Varrock sewer and find me some red spider eggs. Give them to me for the next clue. To make sure youve been there, I want you to examine the cauldron near the moss giants and tell me what it says.(Answer: I dont even want to think about whats cooking in that.) Part 4: Find me in Varrock. Heres a tip: Only a werewolf would find me in here.Answer: Full moon inn Part 5: Buy or get the runes at the bank which you need to cast a weaken spell. Come to the Jolly boar inn and cast the spell on the black knight. Make sure it hits him. Wave to me when youre done. Part 6: Youre almost there. Find me behind a tree trunk and trade me to finish the hunt.(Answer: Tree trunk in the centre of Varrock Castle) Overall, this event went pretty smoothly, so wed certainly try it again in the future. Thanks to everyone who participated. 2.2. Fishing Friday This event was hosted by one of our new members, Thomas, on the 11th March. Unfortunately, because of the double experience weekend and some people having real life obligations, the turnout was rather bad. Wed still like to thank Thomas for hosting the event, though. And better luck next time! 2.3. Varrock Firefest One day after the Fishing Friday Event, I hosted a Burn em up event in Varrock Square. The turnout was really good this time - probably because everyone had already used up their double experience bonus - and the event turned out great. Lets keep this up! After the Firefest, I held a small party and race to celebrate my Quest cape achievement. Id like to thank everyone who joined us. Here are a some pictures and a video about the event: [YouTube]f_KvZO67CdY[/YouTube] 2.4. All hail Zaros PK trip Initially, this event consisted of two parts: a PK trip in a high risk Wilderness world, and a march through RuneScape to worship Zaros, a mysterious God who teaches us the Ancient Magicks spells after completion of Desert Treasure. A video can be found here: [YouTube]-Ado90vOjfo[/YouTube] 2.5. Warlord Tryouts and clan wars On Saturday 19th March, our members got the chance to prove their leadership abilities in a clan war to become our first warlord. It was also a great event to practice the war versus the Legacy of Legends. After an amusing tournament(video: [YouTube]mp5DAUzCuwA[/YouTube] the council elected 1337 Train as our first Warlord. Congratulations! 2.6. Clan War versus The Legacy Of Legends On Sunday the 20th of March, we had our first ever clan war! Six people showed up(a rather disappointing turnout, some people arrived too late, or just forgot =/) and fought bravely against the 9 members of Legacy Of Legends. Having 50% more members during the war, it was quite obvious whod win. We still did pretty well. Lets hope we can win our next war. Thanks to everyone who showed up. 2.7. Fried Friday An event to show off your cooking skills. In a race to cook the most fish, our members went back and forth between Varrock West Bank and the Cooking Guild for a chance to win a money reward AND a certain percentage of the fish they cooked. Thanks to Thomas for hosting this event. 2.8. Roach Hunt There was a great turnout for this event - once again on Saturday night - with 8 people showing up. The clan fought against the Roaches in Security Stronghold while having lootshare on. Thanks to Exklam for hosting this event! 2.9.Battle Royal During this event, our members gathered at clan wars to fight each other in teams. Afterwards we teamed up to beat a clan which heavily outnumbered us. Once again a great turnout(9 people at the start) so were doing great! Lets keep this up! If you want to see us own this clan, weve posted a video on youtube: [YouTube]vluNvkYH43w[/YouTube] 3. Upcoming events for April 3.1 2nd April: King Black Dragon Hunt! Its time to show the king black dragon whos the boss in clanworld. Obivously, thats Endless Fate. Join us on the hunt for a free draconic visage :P. The event starts at 9 P.M. GMT. You can read all about it here. 3.2 3rd April: Castle Wars! This event will consist of two parts. One where the clan members split up in two teams to fight each other, and one where the clan teams up to fight the noobs who havent joined EF yet. Join us at the Castle Wars lobby at 8 P.M. GMT! The official topic can be found here . 4. When will you be able to attend events? Wed like all our members to let us know when theyll most likely be able to make it to an event. So Im calling up everyone to go to this topic and let us know! 5. 27/02 - 05/03: The Clan cape voting On the 27th February, we started the clan cape voting. The voting consisted of three rounds. In the first round, we voted for our favourite colour. With 62.50% of the votes, blue turned out to be the clear winner, followed by red and green. During the second round, our members could choose which type of blue cape they preferred. There was a tie here between clan cape and . In a close third round voting, team cape 22 () was chosen as our official clan cape! 6.Achievement Medals You can now claim your achievement medals! Achievement medals are awards for people who achieved a certain thing in RuneScape(like obtaining a fire cape, completing all quests, having a level 99 skill,) Come claim your personal achievement medals here. 7. Signature of the month March Marchs signature of the month theme was elemental, meaning that the signature had to contain an element(fire, water, earth or wind). Exklam won our second signature of the month with his entry: followed closely by Ladyinnight: and Mrpineapple3: Womble also managed to get a couple of votes for his entry: so everyone should be happy! :D Next months signature of the month will be dedicated to a skill of choice! 8. Guide of the month March There were three entries in this weeks guide of the month: My easy daily money guide, 1337 Trains Boss Hunting Guide and Mrpineapple3s How to catch a botter guide. In the end, we had another tie, so a lottery had to decide the winner. 1337 Train won with his bosshunting guide. Congratulations! 9. Civil Laws High Council review During the past week, our members had the chance to discuss the work done by our Council member Civil Law. Most people want him to stay because he has a great RuneScape account and he knows a lot about forum moderation. A point of criticism was his low in-game activity during the past few weeks, but Civil promised to work on that. Most of the members were satisfied with his contribution, so Civil Law has successfully defended his position in the High Council of Endless Fate! 10. Promotions This month we announced a couple of small promotions. Thomas, Ef Michiel and Loading Please Wait got promoted to advanced members, generally for their activeness in game, at the events and on the forums. Congratulations! We also promoted Womble for his great activity and for only just missing the warlord rank. 11. Members who joined us this month The following people has joined over the past month. (Member, Clan friend, advanced member, warlord, Validating: Joeyleeboem Follfox Michiel Gallion28 Merlinn Torquatus Flowa Power Lord Dreyar Pure3pker X Warlord X Kaya Turski Deathking180 Liam_00_7 Womble Fallen6200 V3ngence IMZERK 1337 Train Ayeni Finalfantasy9[GOG] Halo[GOG] A H0tunic0rn K.Huber Jonucas Maxxert Chloor Vrij Jondoa Jailhouse Brian44 Wilcodiealot Ricko96 Abrussi Plasma Hunter clan0 Bowilde Xdutchdevilx T3grimreaper Fierch blubbadubba 12. Milestones Halfway past this month, we welcomed our 25th official clan member: Fallen6200! On the 25th of March, our clan was exactly one month old! On the 26th of March, our 50th forum member registered. The most users ever online in one day on the forums was 26, last accomplished on the 29th March. Thats over 50% of our total member count. Weve had a scrollable clan chat for the first time :) Keep up the chat activity! 13.Ending What will April bring for us? Well make sure to have a lot of entertaining events during this month. Well also look for another clan to war. Wed like to thank our members for their activeness, both in-game and on the forums. Most of you were highly active and made a huge contribution to our clan. THANK YOU! Thats about everything there is to say for this Month. Ill be back with a harder, better, faster and stronger newsletter in 30 days! ~ Jehowi ~
  12. You're always welcome to join Endless Fate :) We have a great community, both active in-game and on the forums. Our events range from Pk trips/wars to minigames/boss hunts,... You can find us at Http://endlessfate.b1.jcink.com Hope to hear from you soon! Wim
  13. Hi there, You're always welcome in our clan. We have a great and active community, both in-game and on the forums. We host all kinds of events, ranging from pk trips/wars to boss hunts/minigames,... The joining process won't take more than 5 minutes of your time. Registering is very simple: 1. Go to http://endlessfate.b1.jcink.com/ 2. Register an account on the forums with a valid e-mail address. You'll receive an e-mail with a validation link. 3. Go to your inbox and click the link to activate your account. You're now an official EF applicant. 4. Go to the application area on our forums, copy paste the sticky application form, and answer the questions. You'll get validated soon. Hope to hear from you soon! Jehowi
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