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  1. I recall bluerose having a line of 200 people outside the varrock anvil needing him to make them an r2h. I believe Zezima also made a good chunch of his initial wealth smithing.
  2. you're basing work being real or not on if you can afk runescape or not???? ok then??
  3. Maybe he just wants to try a new experience with his life and the opportunity has presented itself. Every time I've resigned from a job, its been because I have found a better one, not because I failed at my current one.
  4. wearing the golden mining boots is +12% bonus, compared to +4% if not wearing them. Varrock armor is 6%. The only way to stack the bonuses is to wear the full armor. Fors choose the extra 8% mining bonus over agility.
  5. varrock armor does not stack with the golden mining suit unless your wearing the complete suit (boots included).
  6. Water also had great guides. Mostly f2p though.
  7. WHAT??? I have no clue what you are trying to say???? Please, you do not have to give Racist explanations and hateful reasons why some people suck. Take your hate and go away. Fact is, these people are better than you. So do not post hateful comments about them. Deal with it, your not as good. Look, I can do the same thing. G0d vs D3vil -- 2nd grade intelligence that can't make a complete sentence and accuses everyone higher than him as failure and/or cheater. ----------------------------------------------------- Jebrim -- thanks for the name. ATM Atticusbird sits at 9480 hours, but I'll watch the account.
  8. Crystalfarm and Killerjv stand out to me. Two guys never really talked about.
  9. Thanks Licert and Pingouin. Yeah, thats the site I'm using. Main reason I was interested in div and rc was those are the 2 biggest hour eaters. Anyways, here is a feeble attempt to get back on topic; I'm only listing those under 5k hours. Why? We're expecting a new skill by the end of the year. 7 months * 30 days / month * 18 hours / day = 3780 hours. I'm interested in who will be at 5.2 when the new skill comes out. If you want more names, click 'like this.' 10 clicks and I'll go 6k hours. I've only checked the top 50 in xp. Credit for this concept goes to Gemeos (everyone say 'thank you Gemeos' so that his panties don't get in a bunch) as well as Merideth for the calculator. Hours left until maxed: Drumgun -- 833 Forsberg888 -- 1456 (half of his fishing is 462 hours possible saved from sc. Next weeks treasure hunter is a fishing pole skin that gives a 20% chance to catch 2 fish and stack double xp) S U O M I -- 1895 Jake -- 1913 Geel -- 2126 Jdelacroix -- 2327 Alkan -- 3007 Crystalfarm -- 3426 Dragonseance -- 3554 Killerjv -- 3856 My Kingz -- 3939 Pieter -- 4084 Scuzzy5 -- 4514 Almostlost -- 4576 Angerfist -- 4958 Please don't ask me anything about the xp rates used. Thanks
  10. besides drowns and Y0 sushi, is there any others with high xp but not maxed? I promised to give a time update once a week, just wondering if there are any others 'off the radar' to check? Anyone know of someone sitting on 150m xp in div, rc, fish and slay but not even 99 in everything else?
  11. Looks like Forsberg is a few 100k xp away from #3. I really hope Jagex doesn't do one of these buy bxp weeks/weekends when the race to 200m new skill is still on.
  12. I've seen some rc milestone vids (reaching 50m rc, ect), but not sure if he made them or someone else.
  13. could you post the link please? If you do, I wouldn't mind posting the top 25 most xp (based on crystalmathlabs) hours left once a week or so.
  14. Gvd now hqs permission tobsay the top smith day was obtained with abused sc bxp, yay huh?
  15. HaHa, Dragonseance and his 25m smith day.
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