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  1. Cheers for working on it, I did intend to do a full compare about the swiftkit (sk) listings vs the offical but as I said, by the time I got halfway down I figured there'd be enough to work on and it'd knock off some stuff towards teh end so I just have the swiftkit listings in there. I'll launch the client over the next few days so even if one or two things are resolved, I'll update the thread. Thanks again.
  2. Rather than starting another topic I figured I'd just keep stuff in here. I've been going through what is happening with the quests as to me it seems more quests need to be done in order to do tasks so it's better to start there. First of all, can we please get the main launch screen updated? It lists way old news, even showing update notes for SW 1.74. Surely it can't be hard as the mobile client is kept up to date. Can the quest list also be updated so that the are sorted in 'The' at the start if the quest title contains it? We have some with the 'The' at the end of the title and some with the 'The' at the start but even then the sorting is a bit of. Same with quests such as 'A Void Dance', it's listed as 'Void Dance, A' For now this is what I've found of quests marked as red (note that it's a work in progress) I've noticed that due to depenancies, some quests requrie the Prince Ali rescue quest which was removed in September 2012 and replaced with two others, Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough. I reckon is this was fixed it would have a knock on effect of clearing up a few others. These are the quests showing that I don't have the levels for when my two lowest stats are 92 with the rest higher, with a 99 in there :-) : A shadow over ashdale - (sk) none listed, so no reason why it should be showing as red. contact! - (sk) Gertrude's Cat, Icthlarin's Little Helper , Prince Ali Rescue – replaced with Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough the curse of arrav - (sk) 37 Slayer, 41 Summoning, 61 Agility, 64 Mining, 64 Ranged, 64 Strength, 66 Thieving - (sk) Defender of Varrock, Shades of Mort'ton, Tale of the Muspah, The, Troll Romance, Missing My Mummy – requires Prince Ali Rescue which was replaced, The Golem, Ichlarin’s little helper dealing with scabaras - (sk) 21 Firemaking, 50 Agility, 60 Strength, 60 Thieving - (sk) Feud, The, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Contact! - requires Prince Ali Rescue which was replaced, Itchalarin’s little helper, Gertrude’s cat devious minds - (sk) 50 Fletching, 50 Runecrafting, 65 Smithing - (sk) Doric's Quest – not listed in swiftkit, Troll Stronghold, Wanted! – requires Recruitment Drive, Priest in Peril, Lost Tribe, The, Rune Mysteries dimension of disaster - (sk) Curse of Arrav, The – explained above, Shadow of the Storm dishonour among thieves - (sk) 30 Agility,30 Thieving - (sk) Missing, Presumed Death – no requirements listed, Hazeel Cult do no evil - (sk) 50 Ranged, 64 Construction, 68 Crafting, 70 Magic, 70 Thieving - (sk) Recipe for Disaster, Dealing with Scabaras, Shadow of the Storm , Smoking Kills, Desert Treasure , Animal Magnetism, Missing My Mummy fate of the gods - (sk) 67 Summoning,73 Agility,75 Divination,76 Slayer,79 Magic - (sk) Missing, Presumed Death – no requirements listed kennith's concerns - (sk) 46 Mining - (sk) Slug Menace kings ransom - (sk) 45 Magic, 65 Defence - (sk) Black Knights' Fortress, Holy Grail, The, Merlin's Crystal, Murder Mystery, One Small Favour missing my mummy - (sk) 35 Construction, 35 Cooking, 35 Crafting, 35 Magic, 35 Prayer - (sk) Prince Ali Rescue – replaced with other quests, Golem, The, Icthlarin's Little Helper missing, presumed death - (sk) none listed nomad's requiem - (sk) 60 Construction, 65 Hunter, 66 Mining, 70 Prayer, 75 Magic - (sk) King's Ransom one of a kind - (sk) 40 Divination,67 Dungeoneering,74 Summoning - (sk) Tail of Two Cats, A,The World Wakes,King's Ransom,Missing, Presumed Death one piercing note - (sk) none listed quiet before the swarm - (sk) 35 Attack, 42 Strength - (sk) Imp Catcher, Wanted! recruitment drive - (sk) Black Knights' Fortress, Druidic Ritual ritual of the mahjarrat - (sk) 76 Crafting, 76 Mining, 77 Agility - (sk) Temple at Senntisten, The, While Guthix Sleeps, Hazeel Cult, Enakhra's Lament, Slug Menace , Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift, Rocking Out, Tail of Two Cats, A, Fight Arena salt in the wound - (sk) 35 Dungeoneering, 45 Summoning, 47 Herblore, 50 Construction, 60 Defence - (sk) Kennith's Concerns slug menace - (sk) 30 Crafting, 30 Runecrafting, 30 Slayer, 30 Thieving - (sk) Wanted!, Sea Slug the temple at senntisten - (sk) 50 Prayer - (sk) Curse of Arrav, The, Desert Treasure , Devious Minds the brink of extinction - (sk) 80 Defence,80 Smithing,72 Mining - (sk) The Elder Kiln the elder kiln - (sk) 41 Mining, 60 Agility, 75 Magic the light within - (sk) 80 Agility,80 Crafting,80 Divination,80 Herblore,80 Prayer,80 Woodcutting - (sk) Fate of the Gods,Meeting History,Plague's End,Temple at Senntisten, The,The World Wakes the mighty fall - (sk) 69 Slayer,72 Defence,78 Constitution,79 Attack,79 Strength - (sk) Missing, Presumed Death,Chosen Commander, The,My Arm's Big Adventure the void stares back - (sk) 10 Defence, 55 Summoning, 70 Construction, 70 Crafting, 70 Smithing, 71 Firemaking, 78 Attack, 78 Strength, 80 Magic - (sk) Void Dance, A the world wakes - (sk) 100 Combat a void dance - (sk) 46 Hunter, 47 Construction, 47 Mining, 48 Summoning, 49 Herblore, 52 Woodcutting, 54 Thieving - (sk) Quiet Before the Swarm, Druidic Ritual, Wolf Whistle wanted! - (sk) Recruitment Drive, Priest in Peril, Lost Tribe, The, Rune Mysteries You can see about half way down the list comments stop, but I think that might be enough for the dev(s) to work on and after an update I'll post some more. I hope this isn't taken as a bashing of the program or the devs, I just want to see a good program remain good and useful.
  3. Just wondering if there's a preferred way to submit issues within swiftkit, specifically the quest and task centers? For example I've marked the quests and tasks I'm eligilbe for and have my stats loaded but there are still a lot of tasks that show I can't do even though I can do them or have done them. It appears some also so no requirements when there are. Is there a thread or email I should send them to?
  4. Now that swiftkit uses the RS game client do you still need to install Java to use it?
  5. Hi, I just started using this calc after it was mentioned ingame and I've noticed that some crew members are missing such as the drowned ghost. I've also noticed that the values for some crew members aren't correct at their level, usually by about 20 or 30 or so. Is there any way to add this info or suggest additions? Also is it possible for the crew listing to be alphabetical to make it easier to find various crew members? If the current order is there for a reason, that's fine, but what is it? Thanks :-)
  6. Negh_var

    Task Center

    While you're at it: Falador Elite tasks - Cook a rocktail on any range in Falador Shows skills as None but in Strategy it says it requires 93 cooking. As a result for those without 93 cooking, it would show as Eligible. Need to relocate the requirement so it will mark correctly.
  7. Well I guess that this is not going to happen :-( So either the screenshot is a mac only thing or it's from an old version that wasn't removed from the KB. Wish Swiftkit was kept up to date but I guess nothing can be done....
  8. Well yes but have you tried it? It may be just the spec of my machine is too low but it lags like crazy and when I type the first letter always drops. The client lags sometimes as it is but nowhere near as back during the HTML5 version. I will be getting a new graphics card soon but was wondering if I could use the client as it is now since it works and it's listed in the KB that you can, albeit for a mac screenshot
  9. I hate having Java on my system so use the game client to avoid it. I really like swiftkit however the fact that I have to use the java site annoys me. There is a page on the knowledge base for the mac client (http://kb.swiftkit.net/question-using-the-official-runescape-client-with-swiftkit.html) on using the download client instead. Why is this not in the windows version? Was it there but removed for some reason?
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