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  1. Not 5 seconds later he logged back in apparently its demon slayer set. =P
  2. I saw this guy and before I could ask he was gone. What armor is he wearing? I noticed the boots are white knight and there's Saradomin emblems on the cloth and chest. I looked at items in the database as well as Solomon's Store. I'm at a loss. =/
  3. I'm not so sure on places to train for xp/hour but I know when the cockroaches came out the higher tier version was best to train on. At the time they were stronger and did more damage and I used salmon to heal. I think their combat level dropped since and I'm unsure if the xp is the same since EoC release, one thing is for sure I was using them to train my Attack which was back when I was going for 99. My Att was 90+ I think at the time and I kept weaving in and out of p2p. I know I see people train at blue drags a lot but unsure if it would be best xp wise but its good money anyway. Before EoC I did train at waterfiends which was when they were a lot stronger. Unsure if you'd be willing to try that. Lot of people train range there. One old place people use to train was on Ape Atoll at the gorillas where the alter is but that was before EoC when prayer blocked 100% damage. I don't know how good it still is I tried it myself and was there only for awhile before moving to something else. If you plan to try there make sure to have anti poison as the small spiders in the area are poisonous, unless there has been an update that removed the poison which I doubt. Greater and Lesser Demons maybe good to try as well they mage and are weak to melee. I can't think of too many places to train with the release of EoC and some dead-like minigames. If you want you could try the Pest Control minigame and spend your points for xp. Not many people go there so could be awhile before you get a group usually only 1 group is there at a time. I don't know if anyone still does Soul Wars but it could be worth a try but PC better possibility. Castle Wars could be still popular but I don't recall a point trade for xp though. Thats my 2 cents. Probably mostly too old or outdated event but I missed a lot of stuff when I was in college and didn't play much at all and was f2p. Currently I train all combat skills via Slayer and though there is no camping its best way I think to train.
  4. I wouldn't think so as the dags will all be aggressive and attacking you. I'd suggest wearing a Ring of Life or the portent equivalent and lot of food, praying range would be a must, and you'd want a familiar to carry food. I don't know how well you'll do with all that but its best I can say for survival. Of course bringing your best melee armor helps. Some dags do melee too so be careful.
  5. Ok so from all that I think I was doing it right, I was trying the full size one and it wasn't working for me. I tested doing it in a post and previewing post and the preview shows it working but when I try it for the signature it hates me. Just to double check I'm doing it all right this is what I attempted for it: 1. hit 'Image' button in between 'Unlink' and 'Code' 2. paste the image link in this case being http://forum.tip.it/uploads/gallery/album_493/gallery_220929_493_42967.png 3. hit ok After that it shows it in the signature area but everytime I hit save it goes to the error page saying: Oops! Something went wrong! [#10211]Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image. Need Help? Our help documentationContact the community administrator I don't get it at all. :mellow: Edit: The small size version I currently have was from using the 'My Media' button.
  6. So, I am trying to update my signature for my stats and I couldn't figure it out the first time, even after some help which seemed confusing to me anyway, and Stev did it for me. I thought I could of override the previous image so I didn't need to change anything but refresh to see update but apparently you can't do that. I am having the same trouble of getting the image into my signature at its full size 436 x 154. Maybe its bugged for me because every time I try what I think is right I get an Error page saying it couldn't get the dimensions for the image and it didn't save it. Otherwise I think I need a tutorial so I can do it right from now on myself in the future, cause I tried everything I thought possible. :mellow:
  7. Escapeee

    Task Center

    I have finished going through all of the Tasks Center and the In-game Tasks for Task sets and updated the Original Post. One thing to be aware of is any task that has (may be done during quest & completing quest may not be reqed) or (may only need to start quest and make Serum 207 to use on Razmire then browse stock before effect wears off) may need to be confirmed and are just speculation from experience of doing said Quests a long time ago. Finished it all last night and wasn't able to post till today.
  8. It may be a bug, I just logged in and I don't have the issue your having. Use the report bug button in-game, can also post on RuneScape Forums about it which may get faster attention. I know while back I had a wierd bug where all my shortcut keys except the F1-F8 (or where it ends) didn't work, and the Esc key only worked to close interfaces instead of opening its own. I also had wasd not working for the cameras. It got fixed within maybe 30 mins after logging in.
  9. The description seems the same but I want to confirm what I think is only difference. Having not seen it in use, to my knowledge, I assume the wings and the name of the Aura are the only differences. Would that be correct?
  10. I would think the best skills to work on toward 99 first would be Att, Str, Def, HP, Magic, Range, WC, FM, Fletch, Fish, Cook, Div, and/or Dung. No specific order on my part but if planing to work toward a combat I'd suggest either pairing that combat skill wither either Slayer or Dung. As for more on the skilling side I think Div is pretty fast to train, but that might be due to all the BXP I had from doing the Korshei Memories before FotG came out. I know WC was a good one but that was mainly due in part to there being other people to talk to so may be as boring to death now as it was when I went from 97-99 at yews in f2p. =/ WC can be paired with Fletch and FM. I know Fishing and Cooking can be paired as well. Mining and Smith are paired too but I'd say they are slower than the others. I do know that training Div to make the Divine Locations and Porters will help with all your other skills, so might be best to go for first. As for Quests, I'm a quest junkie and love them for the story and funness but having said that Quest do give rewards in xp to specific skills and lamps and such to your choice of skills or specific skills. Maybe look at a quest that best will help train the current skill you working on for its rewards. I know doing the Quest leading up to Korshie's Memories helps a ton with Div. All in all with how I'd do it is just do as many I can before I feel like going back to skilling again. Hope that helps a little, I don't have the cape myself so thats just my 2 cents. Edit: after reading the above post I realized that dung may not be so good to start with if doing combat however can be good for skilling but it is best to have the skills up beforehand.
  11. I did pray ranged. I don't have Vampyrism I debated getting it but got Master Jack of Trades instead. Probably is my armor that's the problem. Wearing Mighty Slayer Helm, Zamorak Warpriest, and Static Gloves. Edit: Would Ganodermic be good with the defense?
  12. Sooo, I only managed to kill 3 before exhausting food. =/ I need to get soul split for this. ><
  13. I'm going to give it a shot with dual blood barrage. My inventory is 1 (4) Super Magic, 9 Rocktails, 16 (4) Pray Pots, and my blood and fire runes. Should be changing my signature soon when I get 99 Magic, I got 99 Range today so I'll have two changes to make. =]
  14. Its not showing an image at all. =/
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