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    Today? Not a lot really, I had a day of college today and I'm now 200k exp away from 99 firemaking. :)
  2. Shaneee

    No "e"

    A slab of mutton sounds good! :)
  3. Shaneee

    No "e"

    What should I cook for food tonight, hmm.
  4. I'll deffo check out forum games, I love them! :) You'll most likely see me in forum games and off-topic sections :)
  5. Hello everyone at tip.it, I'm Shane, Gorija on RS. I've recently got back into Runescape and started training up one of my old nooby account, I'm about to get my first ever 99 today(Firemaking) :) Well thought I would join this forum as it seems a nice place to be and post :)
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