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  1. tfw my laptop can run legacy without overheating. I can now play this instead of RS07. Feelsgood.
  2. Brilliant rant. 10/10 would read again. I voted for elf city. U mad?
  3. I just spent ages on my pure doing smoking kills and getting reqs for slayer...
  4. Not really as I maxed on the previous page (page 4107) You are on my pg 4108 ;)
  5. Divination is easy, almost afk and decent xp after lvl 85.
  6. This Devotion special ability seems very good. Anyone tested it out anywhere? Useful for slayer tasks?
  7. I think I used up all my luck in an hour at Automatons. (Only finished the world wakes this morning)
  8. Lold. Show me videos of you doing these rates for 18h's a day please.
  9. To buy certain rewards it says i need 'higher level fraction token'. What does this mean?
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