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  1. Few more quests done with and a clue scroll, along with a rune scimmy drop from fire giants! Current stats: Quests
  2. Had more internet problems, should be fixed now I hope. Last time I was on I was training range at chaos Druids for herbs, probably going to stay here untill 40 Range! Current Stats:
  3. Was doing ele workshop 1 but I couldn't kill the earth elemental with 5 Range so I went to rock crabs and got 20 :) Current stats: Quests
  4. ^ An hour after this and my membership runs out. Renewed it now time to carry on with the smithing quests. Current stats: Made Bronze knifes for range should get me a few levels to start me off And heres my food stack so far, saving all my raw lobbies up till about 50-60 cook so I burn less.
  5. Not been on since the last update had a few internet problems over the weekend. Just working on Mining and Smithing so I can do Knights Sword. I'll update you later with some pictures.
  6. Heres the update from yesterday; Quests I want to get some mining/smithing levels today and some other skilling quests out the way.
  7. I'll keep the intro nice and short. I am a OSRS diyer, I will be recording all my Quests/Drops/Rewards/Clues here and other achievements along the way. I will be updating this daily. My Diy Rules Current Stats (Last updated:27/01/2014) Quests Complete Clue Scrolls PvM Drops Bank Pictures
  8. Nice gains goodluck with the craft, added you ingame btw :D
  9. lol that sucks what'd you do? :D Was cooking in rouges den and ended up in a argument with a Pmod some how and I said he was stupid so he reports me, next day I login muted lol.
  10. Nice gains mate, its DIY King btw :) Oh and I got a 2 day mute ingame from a Pmod, going to make a blog later I think :P
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