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  1. Well I tried doing iron dragons with fire bolt using protect from melee letting them melee so their dragonbreath doesn't rip me, wanted to get a rune limb drop to make my own Rcbow and I ended up with a nice surprise on my 2nd trip :D (about 20 irons killed)
  2. Not long before I can fletch my own yew longs, slowly getting that 75 wc for QP cape :)
  3. Going out for the day, will be getting 1 more mage level + Garden of tranq quest when I'm back for swan song :)
  4. Getting stats for lunars, got 61 crafting last night and 59 Mining before I logged. Just need 3 Mage levels, ran out of natures so I'm going to do what oddish suggested and buy the nats from mage bank store.
  5. Fletched my 2.2k maple logs I saved from Kingdom and got 58-64 Fletching, also strung 1000 of them but then ran out of bowstring. I then crafted 500 ish natures and alched and got a Mage level + RC level.
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