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  1. There was legitimate discussion brought forth regarding 200ms if things are read in context & 90's riot grrl bands are symbolic of the non-existent race to all 200m's.
  2. I hate twitch, but I'd watch that playthrough of Sheep Herder just for the strong language.
  3. @the guy saying it's impossible to get 60k gop tokens... Join "Death Erebus" fc (I assume that is the fc you were referring to that is still running). They run gop games, but they actually play gop meaning it's not 50/50. If you're lucky, they will put thier better players on each team so the game is more fair. Play the game or deal with it.
  4. lol yw. Runescape can still be fun. I think a lot of people got too wrapped up in certain things & lost sight of that. Edit 9002: The more I think about it...I think I may go rc. I want to mine my own ess tho. It's all about LAPS. I had planned for rc to be #8, but I may as well bump it up to #4, since other things I wanted to do are dead content atm. I'm prolly gonna do a lil gop somewhere along the way, WEE! But when I feel the urge to go back to the agility course, I'll do that as well. Time doesn't really matter that much to me. I'd rather drag the game out than be in a rush to end it.
  5. @reliable That's good since I don't like to stand around unless you count when I waste like 2 ticks to throw snowballs at agiles, CUZ SNOWBALLS HURT. That's part of the reason I used sc knives for fletch, to make the 200m less afkable. I had no other options, since I was keeping def & att for last and did not want to raise those lvl's. I did not have the gp to fletch something like addy bolts, like Zarfot had. Plus, I couldn't fletch broads at the time, since Smoking Kills would've raised my def lvl. For how I enjoy the game, it was the best method for me.
  6. Define "work." I'm fairly certain I have more a-log days than some front pagers, but I consider none of what I've done as work. In case people forgot, games are for fun. I feel bad for people who have to put work into it.
  7. @reliable If you are addressing me, who did I criticize for "playing different than they are because it's faster?" If I remember correctly, I criticized sc boosters, for their little attempt at trying to destroy Stealing Creation. @serfal Um, right before I went f2p, I was doing sc. 2014. 20 min games, so idk what you are on about lol. Actually, when I had briefly gone back to sc before I went f2p, someone pointed out that I was top 10 in the seasonal sc hiscores, and I didn't even know L. I did do a lil non-cb sc as well, but got kicked out of the fc since one of the ranks couldn't spell my rsn (wut). But ya, pre-eoc sc was a lot more enjoyable, but I did occasionally go to sc after eoc.
  8. Yes, let's discuss how these current "efficiency" ppl getting 200m's go out of their way to avoid any fun, like the sc boosters did. The game has become soooooo serious since the #noxpwaste movement began. These are also the players who look down upon anyone who actually plays the game & enjoys themselves, rather than trying to think of ways of getting out of playing the game while still reaping it's rewards. The irony is, these are the same people who looked up to Zarfot as their Almighty Efficiency King. OMG ZARFOT *the waters part as angels with Saradomin halos float down from the sky & sing "Ode to Joy" or rather some Lady Gaga song* The difference between Zarfot & these new-wave efficiencers is Zarfot was having fun, wasn't a dick to players who weren't efficient (he was a dick to certain other agiles tho el oh el), and didn't try to weasel around specific rules of gameplay. People often complain why didn't I take advice from him and learn to play efficiently. Well, for one, I have my own play style which I enjoy. And anyway, Zarfot was too busy pm'ing me Jek Nexus's pickup lines & talking shit about the agiles, that he rarely even brought up efficiency. Zarfot was into RC & agility drama more than ANYONE has ever been in this game. He wrote a full Shakespearian-style play about the agiles & rc'ers ffs. Then effigies happened. Effigies = less RC drama. And then he was gone... So basically, what I am asking is, wtf is up with these current efficiency nerds? And btw, for those who don't know who Zarfot is, Zarfot plus Jdelacrotch together form the band, Daft Punk. Obviously.
  9. @guy0ne106 Ty. It does actually mean a lot to me that you would say something like that. I wouldn't want to be rank 1 and it's not like I've ever been a threat to ppl who do want to get rank 1. I just want to play while having fun. I didn't intend to get into nolifing, it's just that I actually loved to be on RS and would be enjoying myself so much, that it was difficult to tear myself off of the game (not to mention some medical problems allowed me a lot of free time) o.O I'm in a situation right now where I can't nolife as much though due to irl things, but I still train agility and forum as much as I can. I just get a little wound up sometimes when I see parts of the game I enjoy get ruined or become dead content, and I tend to freak out a bit.
  10. Or I just like Stealing Creation. How bout that? And I got soooo much bonus xp with those sc games when my team would get based & I'd get 5 points every 20 mins :)
  11. I see all hell has broke loose on this thread since I've been gone. 'Tis a glorious day for E-drama. For those referring to my one, single achievement, I assume they are talking about that time I did 200m Fletch with sc knives. MAPLES FTW.
  12. *facepalm* I'm done with this thread. I'm going back to clicking obstacles.
  13. "Where does Suomi claim that?" Oh, just a convo where he was going on about everyone would accept gp if it was offered to them, and he mentioned that Drumgun did get gp from others. But then Suomi started going on about how chicks were after his gp THAT HE DID NOT EARN HIMSELF because he's paranoid. If you want Suomi to elaborate on Drumgun getting gp, you are just gonna have to ask him yourself because I put that idiot back on ignore.
  14. How is it flaming when those things actually occurred? Go ask Dragonseance why he didn't deny it. And idk what Jebrim has to do with anything. I've got Jebrim on ignore since Toby Keith sucks. Edit: I think I shall elaborate more. Jebrim thinks money = success irl. If someone is born into money, does that make them successful? How about if someone begs for money? Money/gp have been the cause of so many problems in RS, but RS is a microcosm of real life. I do find it funny that the EE ppl who flip out over doughnut-nations (i.e. not "earning" your gp) were sc boosting. All 200m's could be done in this game with minimal gp, it just takes a long time, and ppl are always looking for an easy way out. Drumgun will be the first player to all 200m's who did it with gp he earned himself (though Suomi claims Drumgun didn't earn that gp. E-drama L).
  15. Drumgun is gonna be the first person EVER to get all 200m.
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