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  1. Does it really need to be said out loud? SpinScape. Personally I did love his creep-from-behind destruction of Scuzzy, especially after Scuzzy had basically accepted himself as rank 1 from so early on. Scuzzy seems to be a cool guy, but watching the arrogance and ego explode after he relaxed and assumed he would win the race was absolutely awesome. That alone will make Le Me legendary in RS history. But without the introduction of MTX into RuneScape, Le Me would've never been anywhere near top page, by his own admission. Congrats to the guy for his accomplishment and now being rank 1, but I think Le Me, the entirely re-arranged HS top page, and the rotting death that is this thread, are all indicative of how drastically RuneScape and the nature of competitive skilling have changed. MTX might be keeping the game alive, but I still feel sad and nostalgic when I reflect on a time when the mighty skillers of this game all put insane amounts of time, sacrifice, and hard work into their status. I think this is why guys SUOMI and Zezima will always be legendary in RuneScaper's minds (you should've seen how bonkers the noobs went when Zezima showed up at a community forge on W84 tonight), whereas guys like Le Me are hardly even noticed or recognized by the majority of the RS population.
  2. Lol, I forgot I had an account here to post with. I just logged in to say well said, buddy. I completely agree with you. Botters are scumbags who cheat their way through the game and undermine everybody else's efforts and achievemens. But then again, so are bug abusers. And most of all, so are the players who buy spins and Bonds - particularly those who openly flaunt this fact and encourage other players to do the same. In this case, at the end of the day a botter got banned, and that is a good thing. The community seems to universally condemn this guy for his actions. But all I can do is laugh and shake my head when Jagex and fellow members of the community spout off about integrity and a fair, equal game experience for everybody. As if such a concept still exists in RS3... I wish more people adopted a mindset like yours and realized how ridiculous it is to support these botting witch-hunts and censure this kind of immoral acitivity, yet be completely fine with other immoral activities just because they are sanctioned by Jagex themselves (for their own financial gain, mind you). The hypocrisy is disgusting. This is one of the biggest reasons I continue to be an outspoken critic against Jagex and their policies at every opportunity.
  3. As a lower leveled player, there are many great money ways to earn money while also making progress on your account, mainly through PVM. Slayer is extremely profitable these days (especially at high levels) and is a great skill to train not just for money, but for experience and charms. You could also look into camping specific monsters for combat XP, like Rorari (ranged), Frost Dragons (melee), Glacors/Muspah (Mage) for example, all of which have a very nice balance of XP/h and profitability. If you are also interesting in achieving 99s or training your combat stats, I'd look into some of those methods. There are also quite a few daily activities you can do for small amounts free cash that really add up over the long term. I would recommend some guides for those and put together a routine for yourself. Once you get to the end of the game there is not a whole lot of variety amongst money making methods. You will find most high level players either boss and slay, merchant and flip items, or play on alt. accounts and earn money while skilling on their mains :P
  4. Jesus Christ, this is beyond sad. Even worse than these revealing survey questions themselves, is Mod Balance's pathetic attempts to backpedal and reassure players this kind of scheme isn't in the future plans for the game. If I can ever be bothered to fly across the ocean and attend RuneFest, I'll be sure to pop that kid in the mouth.
  5. What if Geysers are removed from the equation completely? I think Geysers would be unrealistic for a casual player like myself, and from what I understand, the inconsistency of the method means many hours where you'd end up with less XP than the consistent rates you can expect from Seren Stones. Mining on Seren Stones would also come with a complimentary chunk of completely AFK/free smithing XP (I believe In the ballpark of 72-86M XP from my current Mining level). Does this make a difference at all or is it still a waste of time? Sorry for the nooby questions. I appreciate the reply |^_^| I wouldn't loot Farming personally, as it's a very efficient skill by nature and something I really enjoy training since it consumes so little of my time online daily. I'll be 200M years before I could ever max my other skills. It seems probably 3/4 of the maxed players in my FC loot Farming these days though, presumably for the cape.
  6. Hi there. I'm really not one for mathematics, nor am I familiar with the world of efficiency skilling, so I thought I'd come consult the experts in the hopes you can break this down for me. How much (if it all) did the release of Seren Stones impact Warbands efficiency and tent priority for maxed skillers? I only started doing Warbands several months ago and have been mainly looting Mining tents during this time. Right now I have no desire to actively pursue 200M in all skills, but I still try to loosely play RuneScape as if this was my goal anyways, to avoid wasting time in the longterm. With Mining being so fast and AFK these days thanks to Seren Stones, I'm wondering if I'd be better off down the road looting something else now? Thank you for your patience. Any advice is appreciated :)
  7. I've always been a big fan of the progressive, long-term style of gameplay that RuneScape offers (with seemingly no possible end), and the goal setting, hard work, and personal accomplishment that naturally accompanies this type of game. A lot of the values and lessons that have been important within this game over the years also run parallel with life in the real world, which I think was important for me while growing up playing this game as a kid. I've also been a very social person all my life and so the huge social aspect of the game drew me in right from the beginning. Making friends online, joining clans, competing with others for glory and XP, was all something I bought into really quickly :-D
  8. Every individual has their own views and opinions about these sorts of things, and I respect that. But I can't help but feel that many people who hold this view feels like this because they've had negative experiences in the past and/or are unable to hold down a successful relationship themselves, or because they've simply never had a relationship period and therefore, try to justify that fact in their own head by convincing themselves they do not want one to begin with. In my personal opinion, and speaking from experience, a happy, healthy, loving relationship is one of the most wonderful things you can experience in this world, and the times in my life where I've felt the most alive. Building a deep, loving bond with another human of the opposite sex often brings out the best in people, and inspires confidence and self assurance in one's self. The world can be a very dark, empty place sometimes, and so it really is a wonderful thing to have somebody to share your life with - somebody you can trust, confide in, and somebody you know is there for you when you need it. It is a very freeing and empowering feeling to allow yourself to become vulnerable, and to open yourself up to somebody else, letting them into the part of your life that you do not share with anybody else (especially if you are like myself and do not open up emotionally to other people very often). And that is exactly what it is all about - sharing. Relationships are not about what you can take and what you have to give in return, but about sharing your life, your interests, and your passions with another person, and in return, sharing in theirs. Travel, art, self-study, or anything else you enjoy can be shared with a partner. All relationships come with certain forms of sacrifice, but that does not mean they have to hinder your life, smother you, or prevent you from following your dreams or reaching your individual goals. If anything, relationships are one of the best forms of personal growth, and will open you up to new experiences and lead you to discover new things. Nobody can tell you what to do or how you should live your life, and I am certainly not trying to do so. But I hope that maybe I can offer you my perspective and perhaps, give you something to think about. I would hope that all people are given the opportunity to experience these things during their life time :) PS - Hi Tip.It.
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