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  1. this is a great thread to read since i got nothing to do lol
  2. QBD is 5m/hour Tormented Demons is 4.5m/hr Frost dragons 4m/hr Automatons, rorarii, glacors, bandos boss are all 3m/hr That should help you get started, after that rise of the six is 6-15m/hr depending on your luck
  3. Well he has thieving brawlers - but on the subject of agility brawlers, it would be a HUGE waste to keep the gloves on for the whole time. If you wear them just for the last obstacle of the course only (complete course as normal, as you reach the rock at the end you equip the gloves, climb up and take gloves off), the gloves will last a hell of a lot longer and you will gain much much more experience from it
  4. Runeshark has a really really good video on it, pretty much explains everything you could want to know for herblore habitat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL87vlgBnO4
  5. Silverhawk boots, you just wear them and train other skills and it will give you an agility xp drop now and again. No need for wildy :) Brawling Gloves - Unfortunately, as far as i know, the wilderness does not offer any good place to use brawling gloves for thieving. As far as I know, the optimal training location for thieving is Pyramid Plunder, but ONLY wearing it when you reach the HIGHEST floor you can do, and using it there only - then take it off and start again. You should get 100k-480k thiev xp from the gloves that way.
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