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  1. So i post these videos in the general discussion of other forums once every week or so, they are intended to generate discussion on the topic so i thought i would bring them here also. This topic is a little more controversial i guess but it follows suit with the format of the other videos, its not intended to bash things more so to generate thought provocative discussion on the topic. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these videos, i do one every week or so and post them on my channel. as with always you don't need to watch, you can just contribute from the thread title. My final point really answers the question at the end 14:57. "Is the runescape combat system good or bad? and to me i think its a double edge sword its good for one group in retrospect and bad for the other but when you swap the combat systems around the good and the bad do as well. For legacy its good for the older style players who prefer a simplistic system but on the other hand its not as appealing to the newer players because of the lack of engagement. When you flip it on its head and turn it to EOC you have it being not as appealing to the older players who enjoyed the simplistic system and making it more appealing to the newer players because of the innovative and familiar system they see in other games. And really that's the fundamental issue with the system as a whole, its contradiction to its own self"
  2. First of all yes normally this would be placed in a media section (as i usually do) but this video is intended to generate discussion so hence why its here. People showed interest in my last episode so i thought i would come back with another one, you can watch it if you want i don't mind you can still contribute to the thread regardless. Its something a little different this time but still an interesting topic. This wasn't as controversial as the last topic in terms of the subject i chose, but keep in mind the next video I'm already working on will be a little more on the controversial side of things. Still working on my speech fluidity, its getting there comes with time though i think lol, its surprisingly hard to talk to nothing and make sense. Maybe i need to glue a face to my PC screen.
  3. Played source professionally in 2009-2011 then quit, started playing go in 2013 but only casual with mates.
  4. If the video doesn't appear its because i had to re-upload.
  5. Hey guys a video from my new channel, i like to keep guide videos short and to the point. Let me know what you think :)
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