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  1. [spoiler=A introduction of myself, and a little overview of this Blog! :)]Hello guys, girls, and all fellow (or former) Runescape players! My real name is Derrick, but most people call me D-Rock and they think its me refering to my genitelia... so as a joke my RS name is Im Mcnasty. Anyways, back to the point... I've played for awhile now but i've NEVER set goals for myself. I usually just say "I want this." So today, i'm creating a guideline for myself in which I'm going to follow until all of my goals are reached instead of mindlessly running around and wasting time. I know this isn't a perfect blog, its definitely no Comp cape or anything, but I like to take things one step at a time. If you guys have any suggestions to make this post any more appealable or on how to improve the quality of it please do comment. My current stats: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [spoiler=Advice, Suggestions, Criticism]If anyone has any suggestions on what I could do for money, for fun, whats good to PvM(with suggested gear so I could add stuff to my items list) Just ANYTHING and EVERYTHING helps me. I will read all comments, advice, constructive criticism and flaming with a reply. I appreciate any and all comments because in the end your helping me get better. I know my account isn't that great but I WANT to get better and I WILL get better. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ALL STATS ATLEAST 80 (Will only list stats not level 80+) Prayer - (59/80) Defence -(80/80) 8/15 Herblore -(53/80) Crafting -(73/80) Hunting -(71/80) Farming -(72/80) Construction -(52/80) Agility -(71/80) Thieving -(61/80) slayer -(77/80) Divination -(40/80) Summoning -(54/80) ~TOTAL LEVEL: 2k (2001/2000) 8/15 ~SKILL CAPES 99 AND 120: Strength -(91/99) Runecrafting -(92/99) Fletching -(94/99) Mining -(90/99) Cooking - (93/99) Fishing -(14m / 104,000,000) Woodcutting -(13.2m / 104m) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~CASHPILE: 100m - (10m / 100m) ~ITEMS: Steadfast boots, Divine ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~CURRENT PROJECT: I have 30k yews unstrung (that I already fletched), i'm going to string them all and then alch them this will get me: 99 Fletching 94 magic ~30m Screenie of current progress: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ACHIEVEMENTS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~BANK Yes I do realize my bank is worth less to nothing. Everything I have i've worked for (not very much there either) but I'm proud of it nonetheless. (Any way I can make the pictures bigger so people don't have to click on them then exit for each picture? [spoiler=Messy, poverty bank screenshots] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UTC: 6:00 Central Time (U.S & Canada)
  2. Thank you for the nats idea. What gear would you recommend for QBD? Do I have the levels for it you think? I have a cry bow don't know if thats strong enough.
  3. Hey guys so i've been playing for probably about a year or so now, and didn't really realize how close I was to 2k total skill level. I can easily get it with prayer,construction, or herb. Anyone want to see my 2k total when I get it? Also if you could give me advice on my other topic: http://forum.tip.it/topic/325773-most-effective-way-to-get-the-items-i-want/
  4. Just like everyone else, i'm looking for the most effective way to get what I need. So I need like 50m for skilling, I am very patient and don't care how long the process takes... What are your tips and tricks to get money? I fish rocktails, mine gold, I usually slay and sell the junk. (I always have herbs planted for farming) I want to get 80 herb, 80 summoning but the ingredients are just too expensive. I also want 70 construction and 70 prayer to round out the lower leveled skills. I also kill black dragons in taverly dungeon for the hides and bones, but just want to know other options if i get bored of my methods. Again, i'm willing to try anything i'm very patient and hard working. Thanks for any input guys, I do appreciate it all. Here are my stats btw
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