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  1. When I was in Rellekka I found some pretty smart and sneaky bots, and I made a video of it to share with you guys. Hopefully you find it as funny and interesting as I did. I also found an unbelieveable amount of weird bots at Jatizo!
  2. Hello, I've composed an update which I believe will make the seercull bow useful in both PvP and PVM and finally make it a viable weapon to use and a semi-worth while drop from DK's. I've made a commetary video where I go in depth explaining this idea which you can watch below, for those that don't wish to watch the video I've also included info graphics with all the information in the thread as well. Feedback and opinions are welcome, and I look foward to reading them. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BGR2otHq84 Tl;dr info graphics:
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