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  1. Yes, this rule does exist. Yes, the mods basically ignore this rule now.
  2. Or just release the cap and see what happens (inb4 top player's XP is 99% made out of cooking XP) thieving* Hitpoints *
  3. Hello everyone. With all the negativity there is in the world today, I thought it would be nice to create a thread and list things that we appreciate! It can be anything you feel that needs to be posted. You must start it off by saying "I am appreciative of ______" and then insert whatever it is you appreciate. I'll start things off. I am appreciative of @Blaze The Movie Fan for all of his inciteful and well thought out posts that help out the community in many ways and his many YouTube videos as well! Post away :D
  4. I was having literally, the same exact issue! Thanks for bringing this up! You iz king!
  5. I have a poster that hangs in my room. It says "Contrary to popular opinion, no one owes you anything. Earn it." I think this quote works quite well for situation. Stop complaining and actually put more work into it. Complaining gets you no where and no one really cares what you're complaining about. Long story short, suck it up, stop complaining, and if you don't like the way the game works, quit.
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