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  1. Very nice and clear topic, and those gaaaaains :) I will definitely follow your progress, gl in RS3 ;)
  2. Congrats @Steph! How did you do that? Few days ago I've logged into my first RS acc and here is the number of days I've seen by coincidence. I've regain access to this account in 2015, 9 years after my school mate hacked me to get full mithril xD
  3.   Thank you! :) I've always been more skilling than pvming person. I'm 100% sure that I would enjoy killing stuff in the long run, especially that there is new feature which tracks your drop collection. There is also plenty of titles to get and achievments like comp cape and mqc cape that I could work on. I might come back with new set of goals to achieve but I am not ready yet. I still enjoy the game, that's why play OSRS right now. There is going to be Dragon Slayer II update in a month so maybe I'll focus on OSRS quest cape :) Anyway I've got some decisions to make, I'll keep the topic updated. I hope it'll give me a sense of progression and some motivation!
  4. Hello tip.it, I would like to introduce myself to the forums. My name is Michael and I've been RS player since April 2005 with some breaks. I've been playing my main account called Figus since 2006. Stats on 06.12.2017 are: I've created this topic to simply track my progress. In two days there is going to be 10th anniversary of my 99 fletching, the first one. I've realized that over the years most of the sites that I was active on were shut down. I hope that won't ever happen to tip.it! My achievments so far: 99 Fletching: 8.12.2007 (Yew longs) Quest Cape: 17.03.2008 99 Thieving: 4.07.2008 (PP) 99 Woodcutting: 9.01.2009 (Mahogs) 99 Cooking: 1.03.2009 (Sharks) 99 Firemaking: 1.05.2009 (Maple logs) 99 Hunter: 13.09.2009 (Red chins) 99 Ranged: 2.01.2011 (Red chins) 99 Constitution: 25.01.2015 99 Defence: 21.02.2015 99 Attack: 23.02.2015 99 Slayer: 22.06.2015 99 Summoning: 15.07.2015 99 Prayer: 29.08.2015 (Dragon bones) 99 Magic: 27.09.2015 (Abyss) 99 Strength: 28.09.2015 99 Herblore: 29.12.2015 (Ovls) 99 Farming: 14.02.2016 99 Construction: 28.02.2016 (Tables) 99 Dungeoneering: 3.03.2016 99 Agility: 15.03.2016 99 Smithing: 19.02.2017 99 Mining: 16.02.2017 (Seren) 99 Runecrafting: 26.07.2017 (Runespan) 99 Crafting: 15.09.2017 (dhides) 99 Fishing: 17.09.2017 99 Divination: 23.09.2017 99 Invention: 25.10.2017 #1 MAX CAPE: 25.10.2017 40M Defence: 25.10.2017 Currently I can't precise what my goals are. I am little burnt out after maxing. I enjoy f2p OSRS with some plans of purchasing premier club. Thanks for your attention. Hope to see you in Gielinor :) PS shout out to E M R E who inspired me to create my own topic like his :)
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