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  1. I dumped my irl bf back in '09 (the week I had the hysterectomy actually), but when I was with him he took me over to his parent's house. His mom just asked me a few questions about myself, but my then bf & I just hung out in the living room watching House (that show sucked btw, but my bf was into it). I never went to a formal family dinner or w/e with him, but ppl around here aren't exactly formal.
  2. btw my bf lives in another country. And whoever is deleting my posts, knock it off.
  3. I am the Maria


    http://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/10597635.pdf ^That seems to be one of the main papers referenced on the Viking roles topic.
  4. I miss the 90's so much. Back when girls looked up to bands like the Lunachicks...and guys were listening to REM crying in the corner about something lol. Someone build me a time machine NOW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAFFjbvwUw4
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB6HY8r983c
  6. I am the Maria


    O. Sometimes I forget I am even on the internet. I was thinking of how kids were back in the 80's. However, pixelated marriages on RS do somewhat remind me of the marriages on the playground in 3rd grade...
  7. I am the Maria


    So much for trying to drop the topic... But since we are back on it, my situation is basically like being pre-pubescent again...just in a more mature manner. Kids get crushes on each and have little bfs/gfs before puberty and obviously there is no sexual attraction involved. It is kinda similar to that, except with more emotional maturity...if that makes sense.
  8. I am the Maria


    ANYWAY... A while back there was some ask a question/get an answer thread on rsof and I asked about an old problem, just to see if anyone wanted to try it. Here is the solution: And dw. I no longer do this stuff. Haven't in years. I do occasionally go through my college stuff every once in a while, but if anyone likes to do these type of problems for fun, I have a ton of them. (Edit: Blacked out my last name incase anyone was wondering L)
  9. I am the Maria


    So you are affectionate towards your friends & make out with them? O ok.
  10. I am the Maria


    @Ring World It is more about companionship...and a lot of imagination. I just no longer have the ability to be sexually attracted to someone. That doesn't mean I can't like someone or think a guy is cute. It is just more like thoughts of skipping through a field of freaking daisies, holding hands with a dude than thoughts of banging. Sometimes I wish I was allowed to have hrt so I could have the latter thoughts again. I mean, I still can, but I have to imagine what it was like before having a radical hysterectomy. Basically, everything has to be mental & emotional.
  11. I am the Maria


    Uhh, well it reflects my reality. I had to have my entire reproductive system cut out, along with four tumors, & basically went through menopause in my 20's. It is kinda hard to like someone based solely on sexual attraction when I no longer have all that junk. So guess what my attraction is based off of? Personality and intelligence. Edited out the expenooses.
  12. ^Gratz. It is still weird tho that ppl at over 26m agil xp are ranked lower in a game that was supposed to be based on RS in 2007 than I was at 25m xp in the actual year 2008:
  13. Are you training at the DK Course...or doing Rooftop agil?
  14. Soooo...I've been reading further back in this thread...and it is mainly dudes complaining about their girl problems. Ok, there are two things that girls don't give a [bleep] about: 1)Sex 2)Money Girls don't care about sex. It is boring. There are more interesting things to do, like click obstacles. The only reason chicks will bang you is so that you will leave them alone for a while after that and quit annoying them. It is so boring & pointless & while it is going on girls generally think about more interesting things, like the Newton Rhapson Method. Chicks don't care about your money either. Look at Bill Gates. Rich af & he needs to use some of his money to put a bag over his head. Girls want to go live in a tiny cottage in the woods & dress like pixies & grow blueberries. They don't care about how much money you spent on your stupid car. Unless you ride around on a pink unicorn, girls don't give a [bleep]. They also don't care about your sad ass gp either, especially since dudes suck at nolifing anyway.
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