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  1. There was a PK tournament in Edgeville on Saturday and this is the first time I've seen 100 people logged into a world in a long time
  2. i just started again yesterday. came here to see if my tip.it account was still accessible and what do you know
  3. I just started 2007RS too and was wondering if there's any way to trade new RS gold for old school gold. Is it against the rules?
  4. It ain't RS without rares, plain and simple.
  5. In RS2 you can kill elvarg at like lvl 5 if you have the right gear.
  6. My best RSC buddies were my irl brother (inl/inl kid) and step-brother (nikc kid). They stopped playing in early RS2 and I started hanging out with clan mates, but it was never the same. Couldn't talk about RS at the dinner table with clan mates...
  7. lol noob. cover the modem with a pillow to muffle sounds :thumbup: believe me, i learned that lesson lolololol
  8. 1st week playing I found a mithril platebody on the ground in a house in Draynor. Did anyone else used to stay up playing all night on a school night, and then get caught when the [bleep]ing DIAL UP sound woke up the parents?
  9. This guy clearly doesn't get enough attention irl. I wuz teh 1st 2 join rs!!!111!!!!1shift!!!11 Also, i remember spending like a month straight at black demons trying to get a med...Never happened :(
  10. lol @ nighthawk running. glad you killed him later though :P
  11. Big deal. Everyone autoed. If you didn't auto it was because you didn't know how.
  12. EDIT~ No Naming Names~ QueenValerie Tip Global Mod Event: Autoer Reporting Weekend! Event Type: Other Date: June 2nd and 3rd (saturday and sunday) Place: Anywhere, Any world. Information: This will be an attempt to get a massive amount of autoers banned. It is an "every man (or woman) for himself" sort of event, so there will be no meeting spot. It is up to you to go and report as many autoers as you can. (I suggest clans make this a group event.) So, hopefully we can get a good portion of Runescape's autoers banned next weekend.
  13. Ok heres the deal, you offer and hopefully there will be some bidding, im looking for around 1mil. Also on this sig i can make the text animated and you can =have something said on the sign by the axe hut. anyways heres the sig ofcourse not so easy to rip.
  14. Meleers: High Bid: 0k Rangers: High Bid: 0k Magers: High Bid: 0k I will try to update daily. Let the bidding begin!
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