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  1. I grew up with Runescape, Runescape made me who i am today (i was more influenced by the elder scrolls i think cause that game taught me how to steal stuff) soon after the trade cap was implemented I quit and went on with my life. The thing i loved most about it was the mercantile potential, the economy was solely in the hands of the player and that made it the greatest game ever i think. Now the only game I can think of that has this quality is Eve online, they do a very good job with managing the economy while keeping it in the players control. When Jagex put a trade cap on the game they lost a tremendous amount of people, they are now making up for it by developing OSRS. THIS IS THE GREATEST DECISION THAT JAGEX HAS EVER MADE because the people that made this game what it is today, the countless members that were betrayed when Jagex took the best quality's of a game that these people have subscribed to for five plus years, they finally get their game back. Honestly I was very mad at Jagex and I had genuine hatred towards the company for doing this to the game. As soon as i heard about OSRS I came rushing back I was astounded and it restored ALL my faith in Jagex and I believe that they will be very successful in the days to come because they now know how important it is to give the players what they want. Naturally there will be a lot of controversy over which game is a better use of your time but you are able to choose because Jagex made the choice available. Now I have the best game ever made back and they continue to develop it in a way that appeals to the veteran Runescape player that doesn't quite click with the major differences of RuneScape3.
  2. When you first log on and are on tutorial island about to customize you char and you see that little bald dude with the green shirt and the bage pants, HE would be the true protagonist. A protagonist is the main character in an immersive story, it doesn't even have to be a game. If you have a movie that's shot in pov than the main char would be a protagonist. Your char is the protagonist, the only protagonist, doesn't matter if it's mmo, multiplayer, co-op, or what ever. Think of it this way, yes there are thousands of Runescape players and they all interact and trade with each other but does the land of Runescape really need to kill Derolith over 3 thousand times, does Gertrude lose her cat 50 times a day, does the black arm gang keep steeling half the shield of aruv over and over and over again, I mean shit dude no, these things only happen once while you are immersed in the land of Runescape playing as the protagonist. Now what brought me to this thread is I was trying to find out his name. Does the runescape protagonist have a name? That should be the question we need to answer. Now normally a protagonist doesnt have a name for the sake of immersion like in fallout or the elder scrolls but in Minecraft the protagonist is named Steve, more of as an inside joke but you get the picture. Now does the runescape protagonist have a name. Honestly I would call him Bob because of Teh noob show. He uses that default char so I think the protagonists name should be Bob. If people are in agreement then you can argue that the main protagonist is Bob from Teh noob show. Hope that helps, La Cosa Nostra
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