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  1. Hold SHIFT select Restart computer choose the Troubleshoot >> Advanced >> Startup Settings and select Disable driver signature enforcement click restart. make sure Windows Update is up to date and retry installing the driver. If that doesn't work and this is a last resort click the Windows Logo and type CMD "Right click" run as Administrator now type sfc /scannow press Enter when it's done do restart and repeat the step until it says "Windows did not find any integrity violations"
  2. Can we please get a Windows XP mode for SwiftKit I just did a fresh install of Old School Client and then SwifitKit and I constantly get "Unable to load parameter file. Please reinstall the program." and then the error "Unable to grab hold of RSClient... Try re-installing the latest version of the official RSClient." and the same happens with RS3. The launcher work fine on the desktop just not in SwiftKit. I have the .NET Framework 2.0, .NET Framework 3.0, .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 4.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, Microsoft Visual C++ 2013, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 I had the same thing happen to me on my Windows 7 after Chrome dropped Java and SwkiftKit 1.8x.x was updated with RSCLient integration that's exactly when this started happening.
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