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  1. Can you drop it in a f2p world? If so I'm interested.
  2. I told you I was super casual...it took me 4 months for this 99, and I haven't posted anything since my intro lol. About the 99 I would say getting this 99 took me around 170 hours or so. I admit I was not the most efficient as I did try recruiting people for my clan most of the time, and I did use lobsters instead of swordfish. When I first set this goal, I was afraid on how unafkable the skill was, especially since they aren't aggressive, and the fact that it takes 2 minutes to get there every time you run out of food (not to mention that spider web you have to cross). Anyways, I think the the only reason I got through this skill was through my FC and the people I was skilling with. This skill helped me realize how cool talking to other players can be. I know believe I have the determination to do any other F2p 99 skill, except mining....because it's freakin mining. My Future Plans So I made up this plan, that is basically the map for my whole Runescape career, I will do one 99 at a time, and alternate between combat and a skilling killing. So right now I just bought 99 cooking and will start that grind soon. I'll sprinkle duel arena and rev hunting here and there, not letting them fall behind my more tangible goals, like 99's and quest hunting. See you guys in like.....6 months or so lol! How do I make my image bigger?
  3. Whats new....well that would need a very long question. You should start off in legacy mode until you feel comfortable with all the game settings. The EOC jump was hard for all of us. If you want to stick to F2P for a while I could help you with a lot of stuff especially EOC stuff. My in game name is obamawoot32. Cheers!
  4. Yeah I've been looking all over runescape and reddit for an active F2p FC and no good ones are popping up. I just need one where I can get help and is pretty social. Thanks
  5. Intro I believe I am the epitome of a casual player on runescape. My hours per week depends on how I feel towards the game and outside life. Runescape is not my priority in any means, which is quite contradicting as I am making a blog about this stuff lol. I am just using this to hopefully look back and reminisce about my past if I stick to this in 3-4 years. Me I have been playing since early 2009Skill total 1489Combat level: 97Total experience 33.800.000 Goals 99 In every f2p skillevery f2p quest completedreach 300 semi active people in my clantier 6 Duelist hat / Wildstalker HelmetEvery f2p drop gained (Raids, Bosses, Revs)100 million cashstack Other
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