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  1. I know this is late, however I'd like just to add me perspective. The great thing about the game now is that it's changed so drastically to how I'm guessing you remember it, that even know you can reclaim that feeling we all had when we fell in love with RS, there's still space to learn. I suggest that this is a good time with all of the changes, to come back and try it. I'm a massive advocate of RS3, because if it wasn't for the community of those who love the old combat style (which is fine) then it would be a great stand alone game if someone else developed it, it's just that Jagex get stick for being Jagex. I'd love to hear how everything went and if you did come back. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  2. Well there's an abundance of things that have changed since you left. Everything was given added depth, and quests are one of those things. Jagex realize that in the games old age, they need to update it with things that the many people that have ascended to the highest platform in the Runescape 3 world can still find a challenge. Some of the most recent quests added are worth playing for, and I would never advise someone to not try something. I suggest you come back, give a few of the new quests a go, and if you fail to kindle the love for the game that I'm guessing you had at one point, then at least you can say that you had a go and it wasn't for you. Good luck, friend.
  3. Hello everyone. Over the last year or so, I've fallen in love with watching iron man content on both EOC and Old school versions of RS, and I decided to make one for myself. This is a new-ish channel that I've started to post on, and if anyone is interested I'd love to direct you towards it. The thing I made this channel for is to add to the community of a game that I've playef for over 10 years, and being that I'm only 19, that's a majority of my life. Feel free to tell me any constructive tips and please keep it civil in the comments. I encourage everyone who watches to comment something to keep me motivated. Thanks! <3 WoodTBH Iron Man Playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPAZh_h4EHSo_ygPIMnovaKpskLtnrrrP
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