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  1. Well, for those who don't know. Ping/Latency is how fast or slow the connection from your network/PC take to connect to the server you are connecting to. Also, having high download and upload speeds does not improve your ping. For example, I have Satellite Internet with 15Mbps Down and 5Mbps Up. These are decent and allow me to watch/stream in 1080p. So with 15Mbps Down and 5Mbps up with a 700+ Ping I am not capable of playing FPS games, due to how long it takes my connection to communicate with the server I am playing on/connecting to. Some of you might be asking..but my ping is only 700ms, why can't I play a FPS game? Well, even though 700ms sounds very small because it's calculated in Milliseconds, doesn't mean it's that small. This is quite large for communicating with servers. This is why lower is better and higher makes it impossible to play FPS games. Now, for me personally I live in the mountains and am currently running on Satellite Internet (Which is horrible). My ping while playing RS is anywhere from 750ms - 980ms (ms = Milliseconds). Now for those who play FPS games as well as mmorpgs, you would want your ping to be anywhere from 15ms - 90ms, ESPECIALLY for FPS games. Again, for me I don't notice my high ping in RuneScape at all. When I click to loot an item, it is looted immediately for me. Now, when I try to play Counter-Strike, I can't even move..or so it seems. This is because FPS games require a much lower ping (communication time) to bring up positions of bullets, players, objects etc..in real time. So I can't play FPS games with my connection. However, I am moving to Florida Sunday and will have broadband Internet. TL;DR Good ping: 15 - 90 High "bad" ping: 150 or higher.
  2. I agree with this. Although, I feel like the tip.it community should focus on the forum aspects of Tip.it. I don't think Tip.it can compete with RSWiki
  3. Aegis V

    NXT with SK?

    Ah okay! Well thanks for the response! I'll continue to use SwiftKit.
  4. Aegis V

    NXT with SK?

    I can't seem to figure out how to play RS NXT with Swiftkit. Anyone know if I am doing something wrong?
  5. Hello Tip.it community! I'm Aegis V! I've been playing Runescape on and off since 2008 and just recently got my Original Account back that I created in 2008. Runescape has always been the game I go to when I'm bored of everything else. When this happens I get hooked on it again and play it for a few months non-stop. When did you start playing Runescape and how did you find it?
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