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  1. hey omar! addin ya i remember ranging you at a fun war waaaay back lol

  2. Any RSCers back in the day i used to play with feel free to add me :)

  3. What up homie! long time no talk.

  4. Love (as in sex) knows only one language and it was consensual. this is a racist action deployed by Israel. Not the guys fault she believed in his lies she deserved it (karma)
  5. Because it makes NO sense to try and enforce one law to a better degree until you can do the same for EVERYTHING. Ye. That doesn't make sense. About time they did something more. We actually NEED racial profiling. Last time I checked it wasn't white Christians flying planes into towers, or bombing subways. wasn't the Oklahoma City Bombing done by Timmothy McVeigh and he definitely had accomplices but I think only one got charged. These guys were white, and christian. Oh and this wasnt even 20 yrs ago
  6. I don't understand, why couldn't there be God and aliens? I don't think the bible ever says that aliens don't exist. ya, cause that would be the next best scapegoat reason religion would have to keep believing in god
  7. i have heard the time for a MEXICAN CITIZEN to get a green card to come to US from the time they turn in the application to by the time its processed and accepted is 15-20 yrs. who the [bleep] in the right mind is gonna wait that long. and if u want to argue the stat than i suggest u research it up. it took my dad's side of the family 10+yrs alone to get their cards to come live in the US from the middle east.
  8. the evolutionary chain/cycle on another planet, solar system, galaxy can possibly have a huge variance of speed faster or even slower than our own.... your post sounds as if it's assuming evolution is only a slow progression as if it were a Constant when in fact there are instances of fast progression of evolution on our own planet
  9. i cant help but laugh at the IRONY romy, that you surely claim a lot of defense for Israel (a "homeland" purely based off a religion which is made up of a few loosely-based facts at best and shrouded with political agendas and myths of 2000+ yrs ago) and then go ahead and post ur signature which is designed to be a mockery of religion.
  10. Zionism = Terrorism European/Caucasian/Convert Jews should have never been allowed to settle in Palestine. It was never their land in the first place
  11. I can't believe someone seriously wrote that. The facts there couldn't be any more wrong, the article writer took a quote of Netanyahu, completely spinned it, and then drew conclusions. I stopped taking it seriously after seeing the article started with- "The history of Israel as a geopolitical fraud will fill entire libraries as those defrauded marvel at how so few deceived so many for so long. Those duped include many naive Jews who-even now-identify their interests with this extremist enclave." And later continued with- "More than six decades ago the Joint Chiefs of Staff cautioned Truman about the "fanatical concepts of the Jewish leaders" and their plans for "Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East."" And then- "Israel betrayed the U.S. by allying with the British and the French to invade Egypt." Not only is it wrong, but frankly I find it funny anyone truely believes the "facts" presented there. This article is just filled with senseless bashing and biased hatred based on nothing. Next time, please atleast present an article that has it's facts right. 1) your arguments against everyone else who opposes Israel diplomatic issues are a simple matter of only your opinion just like the author of the article i posted 2) many others will agree and disagre with your point of view as well as mine, the difference is you do not have any respect for those who disagree with ur point of view by trying to bash their arguments and belittle them 3) At least a great deal of 1st world countries are not blind by the corruption and atrocities Israel commits against the Palestinians unlike the U.S. (who's media is heavily controlled by the Jews) 4) You would think the Jewish people would learn from the Holocaust but instead theyre committing a new kind of holocaust towards the Palestinians while the world turns a blind eye all in the name of "self-defense" and kill 1000s of innocent palestinians because of a few radicals trying to destroy israel 5) Romy, I gotta admit you probably get off bashing all the people who blast Israel as well as the article i posted but you seemed to have purposely not answered my important question. 6) Romy, you are a tool
  12. Was Israel Ever Legitimate? Also id like people to think about this question, Has the existence of Israel since 1948 made the world a safer place?
  13. Ya i think they should release these account names to further shame the cheaters nah people like that just use it as a badge of honour. it's not a popularity competition being banned = a badge of honour? ya ummm i dont see how thats a badge of honor. no idea where ur thinking is coming from
  14. Ya i think they should release these account names to further shame the cheaters
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