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  2. There's alot of rock music topics around, and I don't like it so I thought I'd make a topic about Hip Hop. So what new songs have you been hearing lately. I like these for now: Grind On Me - Pretty Ricky (The censored version sounds better IMO) Like A Pimp - David Banner and Lil Flip (Real G music, love it right now) Im A Pimp - Lil Keke, Mike Jones, Paul Wall (Fast track, like this one) Thats it for now. What ones do you like?
  3. I'm a Sikh, so I believe in Re-Carnation. Keep life keeps going till He brings me up there :D .
  4. Just saw Land Of The Dead. Has no meaning what-so-ever at all, but it's really funny. I think it was OK, not the best though.
  5. Lol, going in my signiture. But, really, I don't do this aswell, although maybe I should since I forget stuff. I'd probably forget about this post till the next day I search topics :?
  6. Is it possible? If so, how can you do this? Because I added songs accidently which I didn't want to. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, I used StarDock ages ago, gave my computer problems with some other program.
  8. Hey, I use Windows XP, and you know the taskbar? How can I change it? Something like this: to this: * How do I get those and how can I change it? Thanks. *Picture courtesy of learn2die101
  9. I saw a guy bumping a topic from November 10. Oh wait it's you :? 'November 10'... THAT would be awesome name. Haha :roll:
  10. I saw a guy bumping a topic from November 10. Oh wait it's you :?
  11. Lol awesome. I like the cooking guild, mining and the hide-and-seek one best. Does it have to end now?
  12. Signed, Haneet and his PKer, The 0wnag3
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