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  1. have the animation continue .. like make the logo tihngy and the name fade out instead of disapear like that .. not bad thoug h:)
  2. u're in the lead right now . . what text do u want on it. . .if someone bids higher before he replies. . then the higher bidder gets it. ..also if u bid higher post the name u want on it . .
  3. not bad ;) his arm is a littleweird though . .where his shoulder area .. aroudn there. . looks sorta weird how its conncected ..
  4. o my bad lol . .didn't know u had it taken care of already lol. . .
  5. u think thats bad .. . heres the same thing ..
  6. fi i understand your question right. . .it depends on wut background u have . . .sometimes putting the text somewhat transparent can help .. . but it really depends on the bg .. .just experiment .. .
  7. i'm assuming u're posting these to be rated??
  8. gamemaker. . where u been .. did u ever sell that yellow phat. . .cuz u still owe me money. . .
  9. nj ;) only things that bother me a bit is the med and some reason i think his chest plate is a little strange. . its like the cuts in the plate are wrong or something . .could just be me though. . .in between his shoulder and abs area . .
  10. o yea. . also . .could u post some sites that u think look professional .. .cuz i don't relaly have an eye for wut a pro website should look like and stuff .. .
  11. k thx :) i didn't want to use a bevel effect . .when i kept adding different effects it changed into a bevel effec.t . .anyways . i'l try and figure something out. . .and yea the abstract in the back doesn't work as well .. .its too busy .. ..i'm gonna see if i can get a less busy bg .. .
  12. wyrm can u ccheck my website layout . .its in another thread. . i would like to hear your comments about it .. and how i could improve on it ..
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