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  1. i criticize the figure for showing wrong anatomy proportions, basicaly.
  2. Not all that bad as a fist try. As you got already told the shading isn't realy working on the skin and is basicaly missing elsewhere. The body position, for a first try, isn't the best choice. First of all the overall look is deformed as the anatomy isn't correct, and as a standalone it isn't very expressive aswell. You should maybe have gone for an object or a normal standing figure instead of this, focusing on the shading rather than the figure. keep it up.
  3. Maybe that's not the Obsidian Ring but the Tzhaar Ranged Weapon ? OWNT :twisted:
  4. Well i have to say that was the least expected update they could do, on my side. I realy thought we had enough informations on the game from the old official guides and the fansites ( i'm pretty sure the largest part of RS players actualy know of at least one fansite ). The guides are well done, nothing to say...Just somehow pointless. Plus I think that those so lazy not to check a fansite for infos won't even bother looking in the database and, therefore, won't stop asking Jagex useless questions via costumer support... Fansites might suffer from this update largely on the average "clicks" since if, for example, you'r already using RS forums, you might go for a fast look in the database itself. Still the SPOILER sections of the fansites (walktrough, hints, trails solutions) the CALCULATORS and, marginaly, the SKILL GUIDES, will keep them running, i hope. I still hope this isn't the weekly update tho... :cry:
  5. Almost 99% of times you get hacked it's for your own fault. HOW ? Having no Firewall installed... Having no Up-to-Date Antivirus software installed... Running 3rd party clients.. Running Macroing programs... Logging on Rs from some1 else's PC... Clicking on wonders-promising links... Opening bad attachments on mails... Opening bad msn sent files... Trusting your "friends"... Sharing accounts and passwords... And so on... So don't blame Hackers...blame yourself, first. And most of times Hackers is a very big word...most they do is being viciously smart.
  6. Greatest sig you've made so far for sure. Now those black borders realy bother this time, spoiling the beautiful armony of design/textures and, overall the artistic value a bit.
  7. Hi dear, i have to say it looks beautiful, but there's something realy messed up in the legs, compared to body and hips. They just look twiested, as exactely facing the opposite way they should...
  8. Uhm...first of all i wanna state i don't wanna look rude or particulary hard in the following lines, but simply give what i consider a good C/C. If i look so too much, feel free to slap me with a wooden pole, but remember that's something i didn't mean to do :wink: . First of all, Terley, 8/10 ? I don't see how this could be 8 out of 10... It's not a bad sig, but 8/10 means very good. And sorry, it isn't. There's a lot of things that could and might be improved in this sig, even compared to the one he's currently using. Giving an 8/10 might look friendly and easy going, also suggesting the work is good and needs no major work...but the truth is there's a big big number of issues with this sig. I'm gonna sort the most important ones : **MAIN GUY** - body anatomy is totaly and seriously messed up. - Armor has no metal look or shape. It looks like some cotton shirt and trousers... - Hands are a mess (i do hate hands myself so i can figure all the pain it takes to make them look somehow human) - Shading is basicaly absent. Everything looks like some flat-2d beveled stickers pasted over a flat bg. You realy need to add more colors in the shading. **BACKGROUND** - Ground shows 2 or 3 colors, with a serious lack of texturing and the above bevel effect problem... - The sky shows 2 colors, and if you consider 1 goes for the clouds... - The moons isn't round - Those 3 trees perfectly lined up on the horizon are simply impossible. Horizon is supposed to be veeeeeeeery far in the distance, and things over there are tiny tiny tiny... - Rune rocks are piramidal...plus that pickaxe shows some incredible magical proprieties since it floats at mid air ( the head isn't that into the rock, that is so tiny in its tip, to support the whole pick) - The dragon Halberd is totaly wrong in its prespective. I suppose it's resting on the ground...Well i value the anvil at 15-20 meters from the viewer, so i have to suppose the weapon is 15 meters long ? And moreover its shape is so odd that it gets bigger and bigger to balance the distance view distortion, looking as it was on the same plain of the main character ? (this is a pretty huge mistake...) - Overall the bg is plain and a bit boring For the above i rate this 5.5/10 This cause, from my own point of view,the work is a couple steps behind the quality of the sig you'r using, where the character design was solid and pretty functional, if not pretty interesting and nice to look at. I realy hope you take your time to consider every aspect i pointed out, compare it to your own ideas and stylistic choices and decide where you will work/improve in your next work. I personaly think you can improve a lot, having a good potential, so keep it up.
  9. I actualy use Graphics Gale, mainly cause i prefer the palette interface and the multi-layer system that saves a lot of time when dealing with busy scenes. It still works the same way as Ms Paint regarding the drawing tecnique-process, simply optimizes the time a bit more.
  10. I think only Alby might answer this, if he wants to. Still thanks for what you wrote ! ^_^
  11. Runescape isn't the best online game by far. It realy can't match last generation titles both for graphics and game experience (world dimension, items, quests...blablabla). Still if we consider the platforms RS is capable of running on, you see the key to its success. For something powered by JRE it's simply great. Nothing like this is around and available with the same hardware requirements. Plus the cost per month is less than half of what you spend on Wow for example, that's another good point for Jaggy.
  12. Totaly custom sig in most of the details you see. Had to show the following : 99 thieving (pickpocketed paladin and missing diamond from displayer) 99 magic (superheating rune ores) 99 smithing (as above) 99 cooking (piles of cooked sharks) 99 firemaking (shark on campfire) and had to look funny. Already sold Hope you like it :oops: bye !
  13. Kill rock crabs, they drop edible seaweed. that's exactely what i've been busy/stuck on the last hour. No drops...
  14. Stuck on edible seaweed for an hour now... How to say Jagex, unwise choice ????? Irritating,,,
  15. Wow, what a baby! i think its a cool update! IF you dont like it, QUIT!! and do me a favor and stop whining, dam kids. You have no idea who you are calling "kid" so shut up. Now you do me a favor. Go get a brain and some behavior, you might also wanna try that on E-Bay. After that, and only after that, you might be able to post something decent. Full stop.
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