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  1. well now that its back up... did u complete the T-rex in the City pic?
  2. i think that if u add a mini sig, the 2 sigs combined cant b over 300 X 150 Pixels, and can not b over 30kb
  3. well u can use the pencil tool in paint... zoom in all u can, and start doing it click by click, Pixel by Pixel :lol:
  4. Hey chicken, i Dont really need a sig, but sure every1 wants more. dont have much money 2 pay, so i was hoping 4 free, but a positive of choosing me is, as u know i had a sig from u b4, and i used it for probly over a year, maybe 1.5 years... and im still using it on other forums. so im a very good advertiser, 2 keep you name alive, becuz u know ill use it 4 along time. for the sig, any color, and jsut a nice abstract... simple or not no biggie if i dont get picked, and gratz 2 who does :D
  5. im sry i dont like this sig. the characters r great, but i just dont like the bg.... not that its bad, i just dont like the non-busy type look (yea its busy, but its the same thing everywhere) nice sig, but 4 some reason i dont like it. :?
  6. Link91

    Buying a Sig

    i hope im not 2 late... edit.... ps7 shut down b4 i could save it... so i guess im out
  7. its awesome.... the color is great, i think the text goes very well with it, and it was made in bryce.... which is very hard 2 make nice landscapes out of... atleast when ive tried. but i dont want it :P i got enough sigs that i can use alrdy. gratz 2 homever gets it :P
  8. well the url of the sig is : http://www.*oversize%20signature*/e/evil_demon47.png it just doesnt seem right
  9. Nice, just tell me when and where to meet you (im f2p only and won't be on till friday afternoon or saturday) awesome, add link91 and i hope 2 see u on 2 morrow night... or saturday
  10. k cool, gratz whomever u won. go ahead and have mine free.... after u pay the winner if u want 2
  11. nice, but can you change the colors on bart's shirt more like the cartoon? hows this?
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