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  1. Meesy

    Addicted to WoW.

    Delete your character or sell your account works pretty well, of course then you shouldn't use character recovery like me. :) Currently I've worked my way up as second tank in a raiding guild after quitting for 2 months. Even though it's not so hardcore when it comes to time-consumption, we are into SSC atm (downed Magtheridon 2 weeks ago) so I try to restrict myself when it comes to playing. I play from 4 to 6 pm (farming or 1 heroic instance), have dinner, raid from 7pm to 11pm and then log off. I do not play on Saturdays and on Sundays I play from 6pm to 11pm or so. I have some RL friends I play with, and some people I've known through WoW for a while, I've told them my plan and schedule and asked them to remind me to stick to this. This way you can be an active raider and enjoy all the good content without being seriously addicted. Although the time I play WoW now might sound like an insane amount to some people, it really is peanuts compared to what I used to play. And I personally think you shouldn't see playing WoW is a sin or anything, if you can restrict yourself so that your study/personal life doesn't suffer from it you shouldn't feel guilty about playing it.
  2. Outland servers are down, so if you have a character not in Outlands you can gogo play that.
  3. Gruul is pretty easy now tbh, finally managed to kill Magtheridon last night - pretty awesome fight. From what I can see, the new patch hasn't really brought anyone any bad and has only positive responses. :)
  4. This is about Halo 3, not Halo 2! :P Anyway, QQ more about all the Halo-threads - Halo 3 is a highly anticipated game with over 4 million pre-orders already. People are excited about this game, and today they can download the beta multiplayer for free. To get back on topic, I have a multiplayer card but I don't have a hard drive on my Xbox - so if someone wants it, you write a reply here why you deserve it. No emails, no pm's but chocolate accepted.
  5. To stay on topic: Twilight's Hammer - Europe.
  6. I'm thinking of rerolling Vek'nihlasj (or however you write it).
  7. Most younger players (average age 15) roll alliance, most older players (average age 19) roll horde. That's pretty much why you're losing. :P Also about the Vashj server, That kinda sucks... :P
  8. Yes I played on a EU server, mainly I like a high amount of scandinavian/english/dutch on a server - but that might be a bit too much to ask. :P
  9. You suck Nadril. :D I need a new server to start over again with friends, any recommendations? :)
  10. I read somewhere that she got arrested because of driving whilst being under the influence of drugs and now she has to go to prison for 45 days, wait - now the good part comes. Now, she's asking for her "fans" to make a petition to the judge/court so she can doesn't have to go to jail. ... Seriously, who the [bleep] does she think she is?
  11. riku3220, orcs do not made good warriors for the simple fact that Blood Fury works against you if you ever think about PvE'ing - and you'll have to do instances and you'll have to tank, else you'll never hit 60 (or 70 even). I won't explain again why this is. Also, axe spec sucks since it doesn't work anymore since Blizzard changed the whole glancing blow thing. About your spec zeekyhbomb, we never brought a druid to heal simply because priests are better healers and you need a lot of group heals. Combined with the fact that we only had 2 healers, we really needed the best. But I'm assuming you're going to Kara to keep the tank alive. Also the whole tree-thing is pretty useless I've heard, but if you really want to be a healer and a healer only - stick with your current build. Otherwise you might want to think about a 0/21/40 build or a 0/31/30 build even - works too.
  12. See! Even biox agrees. Then it must be true! :D
  13. It seems I have 1 month of free Xbox Live Gold, so I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing co-op (or otherwise, I'd kick your [wagon] too much I'm afraid) in one of the following games? :) - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, part 1 - Gears of War - Crackdown Whilst we're on it, does anyone know a good site that shows release dates of new games in an easy-on-the-eyes way?
  14. I'd go for an undead rogue if you're focussing on PvE, only for cannibalizing really. Berserking (troll) is decent, but not a rogue since it costs you valuable energy. Btw, I'm thinking of starting over again since I'm so bored without WoW I just need to find a good server...
  15. Meesy

    Worst Fear

    SPIDERS. :shock:
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