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  1. Heyo, any progress on getting DGSweeper to work properly with NIS? You should be able to just run a constant screen scan looking for the outline of the map and get the position from that, I can't imagine the exact position mattering o.O If you've given up on the project could you toss me the source? Would be more than happy to share with everyone if I got it working~
  2. I came here to post about the exact same thing, the quest guide needs a rework. I was very confused when it told me to cast crumble undead, ended up spending 15 minutes re-reading my spellbook before I remembered they took the spell out of the game. Was also annoyed when I found out I need to bring a magic weapon to cast spells now! >:o
  3. Trying to look people up on the highscores for oldschool, it just shows blank for every skill. Fix eet!
  4. Heya, I found a great safe spot for maging/ranging darnis while getting the shadow crystal. (Sorry the map is rotated oddly, I didn't think to take a screenshot until the last minute :P)
  5. People keep saying they solo it in x amount of trips.. What does that mean? Do you teleport out then run back and keep attacking it? Also, once you place the ropes, how long do they stay there? Or do you need to keep using another pair of ropes every time you go? And my last question, which pots are in a "super set", and how long do the effects last? :P Sorry for all the questions, but Im curious
  6. :: is the prefix for in-game commands used by mods/jagex staff. But dont ask me how I know, kay? :wink:
  7. The Apothecary in varrok has a potion that makes hair fall out. He gave it to his mother, and thats why he now lives alone. (Seriously, talk to him about it.)
  8. WOO HOO! Oh yes, I support 100% Awesome idea, and great pics :D
  9. Really great story! And 007007008plp, nice sig! :mrgreen:
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