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  1. I was just about to make the same post :D Although Kiara did emphasise the team aspect in her post, I'm sure she won't mind being thanked for all the improvements that she has helped to bring to Tip.It while she has been leader. Growing the Crew to what it is now and successfully managing them to keep everything running smoothly takes a lot of time, dedication, effort and skill. We've also seen the item database, the huge number of new quest guides, maps and calculator updates. Kudos on being a great crew leader for almost 21 months :D ps - staying on as admin or what does the future hold?
  2. For all the people interested: This is the article he is talking about. If Ltje is correct in that The Editor spent half of this article elaborating his response to the RuneHead article - it is usually good practice to reference or link to it so readers can read both arguments. Example:
  3. Check out this article on RuneHead reporting on the Multi Site Steel War :mrgreen:
  4. Seeing as I'm about to graduate from uni with a degree in Civil Engineering in a month or so I might as well offer my contirbution. Firstly, an architect would not be the person to consult about this - it would be a structural engineer. Thats a specialism within Civil Engineering. And like you mentioned, the lifts idea reminded me instantly of La Grande Arche at La Defense in Paris which we visited last year :) http://www.bigfoto.com/europe/paris/gra ... -paris.jpg Like most people have said, the main problem would be the cantilever action of the 'C' shape inducing large moments. You would most likely have to design your central vertical elevator as a supporting concrete/steel array of columns with a lot of bracing as you've shown. The main approach that would be taken at this 'concept stage' is to try to figure out a suitable and economical load path for the forces and moments to be transferred from their points of action to the foundations. I wouldn't know enough to tell you how much more horizontal connections you'd need from the inside of the C to the main vertical column. What your design does remind me of is this building that is being built by Arup in Beijing, China. http://www.arup.com/eastasia/project.cfm?pageid=1948 Note the oddly arranged bracings which have been specially positioned to take the wind loading. That building has also been designed to sustain seismic loading which is further impressive. Sorry I can't help anymore, but strucutural engineering was never my favourite from Civils. I could ask my lecturers for their opinion if you like. I'd probably need a higher quality image though so it prints decently without pixelating. We did a steel strucutures and design module this year. :)
  5. Ouch #-o Mourinho's on his way out, Bubsa as new Chelsea manager. Its your calling, you're already in London :wink:
  6. *looks into Champions League final tickets* Come on you reds! :mrgreen:
  7. I'm in my final year at Imperial - quite close to Kings though. Maybe one day eh? Maybe if you're checking out the museums in South Ken. :P
  8. I would think the databses - especially the Bestiary and Items DB - would be quite popular. Calculators too, as people would be using them repeatedly unlike the Guides and Atlas which might only be visited now and again. No chance of the staff releasing some site stats about how meach each feature is used? Even relative percentages would be interesting.
  9. Recently, browsers have been dying on me. I have IE6 installed, Fx 2.0.02 and Opera 9.01. A few days ago, even though I'm connected to the internet I can't load any webpages in Internet Explorer. It recommends Tools > Diagnose Connection Problems... which doesn't help at all. Web pages load fine in Fx and Opera and Msn 7.0 works fine. Then today, I updated Fx to and it dies on me. I uninstall a bunch of add ons thinking they might be conflicting somehow but nothing. I uninstall Fx and install 2.0 but that doesn't work either. So I'm here stuck using Opera whereas I usually use Fx as my primary browser for most tasks. Some relevant information to help anyone who thinks they can help resolve my problem. Connection: 'Upto 8Mbps' from Newnet here in the UK. Using a normal ADSL modem. Also got the other computer in the house networked using a crossover cable. Hijackthis log: I also recently ran an Adaware scan, a sypbot scan as well as CCleaner and fixed any problems they highlighted. The problems did not start straight after I done any of those but I thought I'd mention them anyway. There have also been several windows updates (most, if not all, security related) from 16-Feb and 20-Feb if those might influence things. If you need any more info or have any bright ideas, feel free to post. Thanks.
  10. Hmm interesting, I though I was the only person who got that impression. They 'feel' differently eh.
  11. Beijing's new Olympic Stadium, aka the Bird's nest: (Artist's impression) Real life image as it is still under construction: http://www.vancouver2010.com/images/Fea ... tadium.jpg
  12. How could you violate the confidentiality clause in my contract Kiara? :( Hehe, I for one wouldn't follow this as closely as some people are but yea, whatever interests you :P
  13. Cameron, I've had experience of being a Treasurer for this and that and it really is best to customise your won spreadsheet system which you can also pass on to any successors too :) Could easily use form elements, some simple formulas and an invoice template in a separate sheet and some macros if you like to automate things for smooth running further down the road. Have fun :mrgreen:
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