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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Wow I didn't think I had been gone long enough for almost 99 mining and agility gratz bro I should be back on rs soon I just logged in for the first time in a while kinda miss the game but yea if I do I'll let ya know wanna come to a few 99 parties that should be comin up pretty quick here for ya haha
  3. I am unimpressed. Just kidding. Possibly. Nah gratz bro now that I'm back home I'll see you online soon been way too busy to play rs lately haha.
  4. Saru! You gotta re-add me cuz Elferin got hacked and I can't recover him... Fetus Roach
  5. Hey dude i'm playing on elferin now cuz im grounded for like a month so ill just be fishing sharks drop me a pm keep my company man.
  6. It's not the lowest, somebody got 99 hp at 25 combat with all other stats at 1. Because when you start your hp is already 10, then to get 99 in just that only raises your total 89 levels instead of 98.
  7. I don't know if anybody posted this yet but it's www.1227.com haha it's rediculous.
  8. I'm sorry bout your cat man, mine died too a while back.. but some wolves got her (believe it or not idc I saw it) it sucked even though I really didn't like my cat either.
  9. I'm gunna try to be there Shey haha I think it's at 3am for me so we will see :P
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