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  1. it looks very nice, however as others have said he looks fat




    all areas below the chest really




    curve the back in a bit more, give him more curves, i klnow it may sound weird, but you dont want a brick




    the legs... really they need a compleat redo, i suggest a start over, te sizing of them seams wrong and theres not nearly as much detail in then as there is in the arms, which certainly doesnt help make them look good.




    the right arm, while detailed doesnt look right, this is because the shoulder muscle isnt really connected to the main upper arm.... really it should be an inverted (or upsidedown) tear drop shape, meaning it over-laps the main muscle, in your image its a circle or a blob, hardly fetching XD




    also not quite shure about the muscle between the neck and right shoulder, i feel that also it rather a 'blob' make it more intergral, bland it in with the soroundings and such.




    i find it weird how most of the image goes to black in the shaddows, yet the chest simply goes slightly greyer/darker this gives the feeling it is totaly seperate from the lower torso.




    its a very nice piece and shows alot of potential, however (like all things) its not perfect, keep working at it tho, it could become a great piece




    oh, and i personaly dont feel it needs a BG





  2. heres something i made earlier today








    oh, added a little game, my user name is added in there 3 times, all hidden, but all spotable if you look closely, see if you can find them, first person to find all 3 correctly gets a cookie!




    and then theres the reallly hard one, my name is atualy intergrated into the art work, if you find that one ill give you a prize =D





  3. thanks for the great comments lazycat =D




    sara: its atualy a rune crossbow, i havent finished it yet tho.




    thanks for the comments tho guys, its great to hear encouraging words =D






    OOOOHHHHH lol, my bad :P Still nice though! Cant wait till finish!




    no, my bad really, i cant draw XD





  4. hey ter!




    hows collage (or is it uni... o0) life? doing well? i supose you would have finished now, if not very soon.




    in that case youve probably had a big exam, graphics design i belive? how did it go?




    good to see you around, oh and thanks alot for your comments on my last pixel piece =D





  5. ...........I just like traditional stuff.... :cry: Well, pixels on canvas isn't really traditional like oil on canvas but you know what I mean. :XD:




    i like traditional stuff... like the latest software and a magical pen




    im sorry i just had to say that :XD:




    anyways... that CC i didnt give earlier (not thats theres much of it XD)




    on the guys left arm are some weird muscles that really look like they dont exist... at the very least they dont flow with the rest of the arm, just compaired it with the previous arm... it looks like they do exiost, but in this latest they are rather deformed ::'




    im personaly not so keen on the whole red on green... to chrismas-y, but i feel that may be due to the dominatingly green background, so i guess ill have to wait till more is done before giving fuller comments on that




    the right upper leg looks very boxy, mainly due to the harsh highlight, get the blend tool and blend it, or do it yourself, i dunno what meathed you prefer. then again this is a wip and that area doesnt seam to have much done to it, so you were probably planning to do that...




    the belt buckle (id love one that size :D) is rather unclear as to what it atualy is, im guessing some type of horns, but thats probably wrong, just make that area clearer.




    im sure you are aware of most if not all of those things since its a wip, but i couldnt really justifying posting two rather short comments consecutivly :wink:





  6. i read what you said about trying to make it green... what about changing the hue? its quicker then painting lots =P




    but its a really nice piece, i like how its comming along, are you just having that character or several?




    It is quicker than painting it but changing the hue will affect other hues as well especially in the shades and lightings. They're not always a dark green or light green but could be a mixture of blue or yellow and etc...You probably know how to change it properly but for me, I'm not very techy with photoshop :XD: Brush and eraser = :thumbup:




    It will be that character with several others.......on the ground........ :uhh: The blood and gore was/is my brother's idea!




    well it can be done, but i dont think your particualy interested into finding out how... its semi conplex =D




    not meaning to say your simple minded or anything... o0




    sorry i really have to go, ill comment more later





  7. yeah its my first, looking for CC on the shading and texturing, no linework comments please.












    finished! and i love it!














    no CC yet, just comments and rates please =D




    oh and im using CS3 to make this




    rate if you want.





  8. badphooey: yeah, i wouldnt bother listing them it would take way to long =D




    ThruItAll: his




    faelenof: always with the good old solid style (exept when i dont, then it doesnt happen....)




    whip: yeah, his agents said he was getting a bit chubby so sent him on a luxary trip to the liposuctioners, and they got a bit to much....




    but im glad to hear so many people like it, heh, this piece has probably recived more comments than most of my more serious pieces XD





  9. the comp has started, but please let me know you know this, so reply in topic or pm me... whatever, this is just so i know who is aware its started.




    you have untill midnight (gmt) on 20 july 2007 (this friday)




    ok i had an idea a few hours ago, but i was out then, however im in now....




    basicly its another contest, but this isnt just about how well you can draw, infact thats the seconds judging factor.




    what you have to do is create the most original fight scene you can and pixel it




    all the weapons items clothing etc must be from RS, so for example, no guns, this is simply to keep it easier to judge =)




    so you have to create an original fight scene, this could be anything from a clan PK to you killing a duck. but it must be as original as posable.




    the following areas will be judged:


    - Originality, how original it is and how much it stands out


    - Look, how good the final product looks


    - Uniqueness, similar to originality, but then theres a difference, for example two people with similar ideas wont get as highly scored, or a pk could be put down a point or two. thast said this isnt that major a factor.




    you can enter however you like as long as its 100% your own work, for example, you can pixel it, do a digi paint, cartoon, pen and paper, oil paint, whatever really, but your not allowed to use PS brushes or anything like that if you havnt made them. hmmm.... no brushes, it can be hard to tell what someone made.




    i will need 2 more judges, so get in quick.




    the comp will start when i feel i have enough entrants, there will only be one round so make it good first time!




    you can post work here or pm it to me, and you can update it, but only send in finished work not WIP's, for example you think youve finished, but then the next day spot some mistakes, you may correct them, but no work will be expeted past the deadline. im going to be very strict about the deadline once its set.




    once started the comp will last about a week




    judges: (full, but liable to change as i feel appropirate)






















    runemetsa (posably)












    good luck!





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