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  1. just wondering is there an upper limit to how heavily we can edit the photos in the manipulation sector? if not, awesome, ive got a good idea (if it works) :thumbsup: PJB21
  2. haha awesome =) would be great if you could keep me notified by pm since that alerts me, im bad at keeping track of things at the moment lol we must catch up some time, its been a while; have to admit this thread probably isn't the best place though... you got msn or facebook or anything? (of course i may well have you, but im rather forgetful and bad with names (growing old you see :P)) keep safe, PJB21
  3. dude! how you keeping man/ been a long time since we last spoke... how you been keeping? i think ill place down a request while im here, bit of fun really, i wanna see you try and do a pixel in your own style of me, like wow. click here for the picture, im the one in black with the hair heh (you may not be able to tell but i have a beard... ref 1 ref 2) would be great to see what you can do, and of course ill happily do something for you, dont really know what but i'll happily do a speed paint any size (as long as it doesn't slow down my pc to much haha) hope your doing well, chat soon PJB21
  4. i must have been so bored to have done this, anyways.... hope its good for you =) have fun, PJB21
  5. yeah i converted every brush i have made that i can easily find and using my new phtoshop 7 i have converted them all in one big pack, its taken a while but it was in demand =D you can find it here, dont forget to +fav it =) enjoy, PJB21
  6. over 40 great brushes! at least check them out, who knows you may even like them =P click to download, and dont forget to +fav! PJB21
  7. pjb21

    new siggy

    ive recived some comments about the font/text. i had a look through about 200 different fonts and i felt this one worked the best out of them all, it is easy to ready, siomple, and fits well with the sig imo, alot of the other fonts i tried, whiole more interesting, either didnt look good with a boarder (and without they didnt stand out) or were too OTT if anyone knows of a text that they think would work well then let me know and ill see if it'll work. thanks for the comments on the piece, and crits are welcome. PJB21
  8. pjb21

    new siggy

    my old siggy was exactly that, old, and really old at that, so i made myself a new siggy, check it out below comments welcome PJB21
  9. with my next few brush sets im thinking of having a zip file to download which includes the brush set ready for use in photoshop, and then all of the seperate images so people can convert for use in other programs. feed back on this idea is welcome PJB21
  10. hey all, i made another brush set, totaly free for all to use. you can find it at this link, just click the download button (shrunken example image, full size can be used as wallpaper) this is just one example of what can be made using only this brush set, its capable of multipul styles have fun with it and feel free to tell everone you know about it PJB21
  11. thanks =D good to hear it works in cs2, but im not sure how far it'll go back along the photoshop timeline :-k hopefuly ill be making some more as ive said, but i dunno when also it would be great top see what you can do with them : PJB21
  12. hey to download follow this DA link and click download (after faving ) theres an example piece there also so check it out =D (the example piece can be used as a wallpaper if you so wish) feel free to comment, fav, download and use PJB21
  13. i dont really mind, as long as you dont claim its your linework, that said its not that great linework anyway XD PJB21
  14. no, get paint.net (see link in siggy) its free, easy to use and nice and powerful =D PJB21
  15. i had a look on DA and full viewed, i see what you mean about the face, now i know what its ment to be/portray i can understand it better. must say tho, im not to keen on the hair, it looks kinda shaven (i know it isnt) but maybe if you were to add a visable pony tail, and more contrast in the strokes, give him highlights =D had a look at the link, amazing picture =D however i cant see that big link between the two... o0 maybe if you were to add more detail into your background, give it more depth, the green areas feel like its just there to save effort (probably is, dw i do that alot myself XD) dunno... im just not that keen on the bg i guess. too plain, too blurry, the lines should be straighter, maybe with chips, but not slightly wobbly (only to be expected with hand drawn however) just make the bg alot more sharp (not im to sure about using the sharpening tool) not meaning to be negative, itas a great pcture, but yeah im rather picky XD PJB21
  16. its quite cool, however, the bg is rather weird, its kinda undefined and blurry, that may be intentionaly, but it does give the feeling its a WIP. as does the large blankness... the right and the top of the picture all seams rather blank. maybe if you were to add a person on the right that would be filled better, not so sure about the sky, maybe a flock of birds of some planes/ships or maybe steam powered birds of aqwardness! its a nice pice, and i like the texturing and the moss effects, but as i said it still feels like its unfinished (not that im saying everypiece should eb filled compleatly) oh and im not so keen on the face :anxious: PJB21
  17. some of the images are ovwer a year old, and ive been working on proportions anatomy etc recently, but that hasnt really been seen in this gallery since i havnt done a full effort pixel for some time. and... ive done a load more emots =D =B: crazy: confused/o0: XD: nerd: =S: 8S: toaster v2: wink lick/ =d: determined/plotting: shocked: thumbs up: thumbs down: PJB21
  18. i ki ow i said i was going to be strict, but this is really rather silly, one 1 entry >_< i have to go out nowm, but when i guet back i will PM all who have yet to enter PJB21
  19. yeah more pixel work this time some emots toast V1: V2: animation: thats it for now =D PJB21
  20. my pet twiangel i decided it would have good quality nice colour choices, not to glarish, rounded image size and of corse perfect linework and spelling. i failed. PJB21
  21. dunno if anyone really reads this, but.... you have untill the end of tomorow! so hurry up and send them in =D PJB21
  22. quite nice for a beginner that said its just a load of effects (filter pile) oh and the text in the first one doesnt really suit it, you need something more caligraphic, since its a kinda 'mystical' style try making yourself a wallpaper, and dont start with the colouds effect, draw some random squigles... mess with the layer types, opacitys and of corse the various efects, the curves (in layer- adjustments, i think...) can produce soem cool effects, if you want it on one specific tone, sepia is (ctrl+shift+p) then get up the hue and sat (ctrl shift u) and mess about yeah just explore the different settings and stuff, oh and go on the forum, download a few extra effects and look up some of the tuts. good luck with it, its very good software when used correctly PJB21
  23. due to a kinda lack of people getting their work in i shall extend the time limit untill midnight (gmt) on the 20th (this friday) but no more extentions! hopefuly more time will allow people do do better work XD PJB21
  24. it is indeed =D still using that old sig i made you, wow... thats gotta be my longest sig usage in existance... also my crappiest sig in existance XD that said it is edited... anyways... i got some CC on another site and so have updated it a bit... dunno if its better comments wlcome PJB21
  25. i know its kinda sad... but i am in love with this : not really after CC at the moment... maybe later, just comments and rates for now =D PJB21
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