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  1. i cant see the new image, my pc has a problem with photobucket, could somebody please upload via image shack? PJB21
  2. thanks fr all the comments and advice, expecialy thanks to terley terley: i see you used greater contrast and higher sat, both fine, however it means dithering, while i can do that i prefer not to cos im stubbon, then then i guess i may not advance if i dont try various techniques... the comment about linework was something i hadnt really given much thought to before, ill try than in my next piece (when ever that is) as for the shading i was editing it a bit, and some parts i couldnt really get to look right (for example the top of the leg just below the skirt, where theres the challenge of the shdow from the skirt, while the the shading of the leg. thanks for all the help and coments =D yeah, i know he is rather skinny, my fault really i should have noticed when i was drawing the anatomy stage (i do stick man (for pose) rough anatomy (for well... anatomy, proportions and structure) clothing, colours, shading, text) yeah, its quite early on so easier to change, i guess i should keep an eye out for any mistakes earlier, im always spotting then later into the pic (generaly shading) and its a real nightmare then... its been good to do this piece, ive lernt quite a few things which i shall take into account, or just try better to remember... heh any suggestions for a follow up? PJB21
  3. i know that did cross my mind as i was near finishing, tbut then i though.... if i do that ill have to do more, you canyt just AA one thing and its a relativly big image, and i wasnt in the mood to AA it all, its only really a spur of the moment thing... but thanks for the imput, i may do that some time.... PJB21
  4. if its about drawing what you see heres a quicky man with a whip chasing a bird, 2 random un-anatamicly correct faces, a pillar, a question mark and er... sunshine, heh but then ive probably got totaly the wrong idea... PJB21
  5. ah i see what you mean, really thin waist however the shoulders arnt as big as in your image :XD: that said i think this person (mine) could do with bigger shoulders, or rather a bigger chest, the line going up from the hip on the persons left hand side, shoiuld really be slanted the other way. but im to far to change that, it would require a rework of about a quarter of the image.... which for a random piece im not in the mood for (we need a shrug emoticon) PJB21
  6. jopie: the next update is likely to be it finished... i generaly do things in blocks as for the comments about the sorta thin waist and that, um yes, i agree. one of the main problems i feel is the chest is rather small in this pic, meaning that the rest of the torso was also fairly thin, and then i sorta did 'normal' anatomy and proportions on the lower half making it look rather weird. but i do often exagerate a bit, you will find nearly off of my pics of people have very thin waists. PJB21
  7. sickly? how so? and i wasnt really going for any kind of 'look' per-say just doing what i like, drawing good to hear you like it, its good when a good artist likes your work =D PJB21
  8. yeah... new pixel wip i know i dont normaly post WIP (or much now a days....) but yeah... i thought id share it with you, CC is listened to, but if its rather big its not gonna happen finished =D update: skin and the rough anatomy of it: if you rip then seriously, get out more, what is the point when you know its someone elses work, and if your going to sell it somewhere, well... its not finished, and if you care about a few cyber credits that much, then really... get some REAL friends :wink: but comments and stuff welcome, id prefer if you didnt shade unless you kept it to yourself and sent it to me so i can see, but yeah i dont wanna see it posted exept under my name. PJB21
  9. nice picture, however it doesnt look much like a DE.... just all of it, its cool and looks nice, but not very DE like thas my only problem when drawing it keep refering back to a pic of a real DE =) PJB21
  10. woo! paint.net! mind posting a link to the tut. i like intro'd TIF to paint.net anyways... yeah its a cool pic, looks nice and the red colours go well with the sworl which apreas almost heart shaped. keep on PDNing! PJB21
  11. the legs make the person look like they need the loo. im guessing hes ment to be relaxed... if so, spread the legs wider and have the feet pointing more outwards. with grass there is a technique that looks awsome if you have the pacience, it can work with duplicating, but then it doesnt in the sence thatit looks bad. basicly you get 3 shades of green, the base you fill, then with the lighter colour start to draw some thick blades or clumps of grass, then using the dark colour to darken the correct areas. a perfect example of this is Faelenof's sig or ill try find the tut.... click for for the tut =D but made modifications, since you arnt using tiles, oh and to it to a reasonable scale. but a very good example is [urlhttp]this sig[/url] she even made it darker away from the light, but dont worry about that, unless you really want to. but then again, nothing sucks more than having the grass out do the rest of the sig XD PJB21
  12. oh, caskade.... wow, long time.... you still have the same unfinished sig XD yeah, what you were saying about getting another one, dont use the same action. if personaly say a stabing action, or maybe slicing from head to gut via the neck. PJB21
  13. i agree wioth the post above about the text, it makes more sence, and its better gramaticly. the render is good, it works well with the colours, and alough im sure its not, its kinda like its just been slaped onto a background, it doesnt really have much depth. that could be because of the brushes used, or it may need more contrast, probably both. if you added a few layer between the render and the background with some more dynamic brushing, if you dont have any good brushes, then have a look at this pack and then maybe a few lower opacity brushes ontop of him, maybe. as regards where to place them have it comming from his back, about the middle of it. it looks good, but its not perfect, yet. PJB21
  14. pjb21


    hey there, i much prefer this kinda style (as in, no render) looks so much better, and focuses more on your work, not what some other guy drew. its quite a nice piece, i would personaly say have white text then lower opacity, it works quite well. or add a slight glow around the text, i still had trouble with the text in the second. then again i know your not to keen on obvious text, but then again, it doesnt have to be, it just has to be clear... meh its a nice sig, and id rather like to know where you got those brushes from XD good to see some work from you again PJB21
  15. pjb21


    i made it clearer and its rather cool, but needs alot of refining, some sections look like they were done using a paintbrush, that un-refined. but its good to see you pixeling again. or maybe its just digipaint in paint... ah well, its quite cool oh i edited the lighing and contrast to get a clear view (for me) but was wondering if i could upload for those who cant see it that clearly. PJB21
  16. ok, some bullet pointers =D - shading, where are the light sources? mainly the fire and the glow, remember how much light they are casting and where. - the light from them could be alot harsher, remember a lit match in a dark room only illuminates things very close to it, such as your hand, your arm and maybe half your face. what im trying to say is, it needs higher contrast. - as you said the fire needs improvment. fire isnt [bleep]es, its got flow to it, i have definatly seen worse fire, but look at pictures of fire and see how it is made. basicly do some research XD - the poses are sterial, dull. add more action to the image, or atleast something more interesting, say, leaning against an invisable pillar, or maybe casting a cool spell or summoning a bird, i dunno,, i personaly hate HP but yeah... - again, as you said, the sword, room for improvment, yep. the lines are to stright, to within the rules. change the angle of it slightly, never hold shift when drawing lines. NEVER! it does not work, it makes images look stiff. - back to the dullness of it, try looking at different angles, even a 3/4 view would work well, but an abstract, exagerated angel would look awsome. - im guessing the ravenclaw or whatever is a girl, make it look nearer that way, a basic way would be to point the face more, even the guy in the middle has a thinner face. atm her face is kinda 'U' make it more 'V' or rather half way, dont have pointed chins, they are flat, but breifly. -i see you have some folds and they look good, but add more of them and it could look alot better, remember more folds adds more flow, makes it look more dynamic, especialy is a spell is casting wind from it, blowing the characters hair and clothing. - the slyverin guy, ment to be sinister right, if so make him look it more, and it can be done. remember what i said about lighting? well, if only half the face is visabl;e (hlaf in deep shadow) it can give a very synister look. - make the trim more gold less yellow. but that may just be me. - also when it comes to acesories, such as the sword handel, even some of the gems, they look better in lower saturation, the blue gems on the girl just look out of place because they contrast to much. lower the sat of that blue. - not gonna comment to much on anatomy, however, the girls arms, one is about double the length of the other, the benmd one comes nearly as low as the hanging one. remember the elbow should fall to around the waist level (not hip, waist) with the wrist about half way down the outer thigh. ok, yeah, what i said does require whole new everything, so i dont suggest you do all of what i said in this image, that would take a long time, however those points can be taken over to other images you do. but some of the things shouldnt be to hard to do, so do them XD but most of all, have fun, thats what pixeling is all about =D PJB21
  17. thats some nice pictures there, my favs being the last on the second row and the second on the last row =D very nice stuff there, hopefuly you'll have time to go out for a shotoshot sometime. reminds me i need to find the time for one of those aswell.... just gone on their website, it looks like a nice camera, not too sure about some of the button positions, but then i guess its a matter of getting used to it. PJB21
  18. thanks, i do aim to please XD anywhere anyone can see needs improvment or is it perfect? hmm... im gonna try (and probably fail) to add more depth, ill update one done =) EDIT: no point posting, it sucked, ah well PJB21
  19. no, im not bumping an old topic.... im bringing you more art work XD just something random really, enjoy =) PJB21
  20. hey DS =D not original, but well executed, i quite like it. however the unsat'd face could use some more contrast, just looks kinda plain atm, and dunno, just needs more contrast =P the makeup... hmm.... no as it is... as in take the unmakeup'd one, and add a thin line of make up under the eye, you dont need any on the top, so, like max 3px brush (at this scale) i guess why the make-up doesnt work is due to an earlyier thing i pointed out, low contrast. but it looks good on the whole =) PJB21
  21. not too keen on the boarder of the new one, however i do like the minamalistic look to it. you also enlarged the rs image, and now its just a blury pixelayed image, you could go over the image, like draw over it to get a neater effect (wheather than be pixelated or smooth) but yeah, the pinkness of the boarder doesnt look good. hmm.... try a coffee coloured cinematic boarder posably. move your characheter over to the left slightly more, especialy if you take my advice on the cinematic boarder. hmmm.... do you have a hat? not a helm a hat, such as a cav or something, cos imo your character needs it, just looks kinda incompleate as of yet. the other has good blending, but the bg is just well... i dont like it, to basic, no emotion and its not even a decent purple.... heh needs some work, but not to bad =) PJB21
  22. yeah i know what you mean about the choppyness of it, but im not really sure what i can do to try and sort that, could try mudging i guess suggestions are welcome PJB21
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